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Your favorite vegan cheese brand Violife just launched 3 dairy-free dips: French Onion, Ranch and Spinach-Artichoke

Vegan brand Violife Foods is expanding into a new category this month with the launch of three creamy dairy-free dips. The new Violife dips will be available in Ranch, French Onion and Spinach & Artichoke, all flavors intentionally chosen to rival classic dairy dips. While the Greek brand is most popular for its vegan cheeses, its launch of savory dips puts it alongside its dairy counterparts in a whole new category.

“We are expanding into the plant-based dips category to increase our offerings of flavors and formats that all of our consumers, including those who are plant-based, dairy-free or plant-curious, can enjoy,” Debra Yoo, senior brand manager of Violife. says VegNews. “The three flavors we’re launching are the best-selling flavors for dairy dips, and we want to show that plant-based options can deliver creamy, indulgent flavors too. We know consumers love the classic tastes of Ranch, French Onion, and Spinach & Artichoke, and we’re excited to offer alternatives that can be enjoyed by everyone at the table.

Violife’s new dips will come in 200-gram (7.05-ounce) jars and will be available at all Whole Foods Market stores nationwide by June 24, with some stores already stocking the new products.


Violife’s dairy-free empire

Violife is a pioneer in the vegan food category that got its start in Thessaloniki, Greece in the 1990s and now offers a wide variety of coconut oil-based cheeses in flavors such as aged cheddar. , parmesan, feta, gouda, etc. Since Violife entered the market, vegan cheese innovation has exploded around the world, with new entrants coming in from all quarters, including existing dairy brands such as French cheese giant Bel Group, which is currently launching dairy-free versions of its popular products such as Boursin, Babybel and The Laughing Cow.

“There are many other varieties of flavors and formats in the plant-based cheese world that didn’t exist when Violife started,” Yoo said. “Within Violife, we launched a number of products that were the first of their kind in the plant-based world, including our Mediterranean-style Grill Me!, a plant-based cheese similar to dairy Halloumi, and Cocospread, our plant-based chocolate spread that can be eaten on its own, spread on a cracker, or baked into a favorite dessert.

Violife’s products are now distributed in more than 50 countries in retail and food service, including at Pizza Hut in the UK where its dairy-free mozzarella shavings have been on the permanent menu as an alternative to dairy cheese since 2017. Violife made its way to the United States in 2018 through a national Whole Foods partnership which it is now expanding with the launch of its new dips.

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Ranch, French Onion and Spinach-Artichoke dips are part of Violife’s mission to continue to innovate in the dairy-free category with alternatives that are just as indulgent as traditional dairy products, but without the ethical, health and environmental drawbacks.

“Over the past 20 years, we’ve perfected our recipes to deliver the same flavors and mouthfeel as the dairy versions,” Yoo said. “Our three new dips continue our efforts to help consumers easily (and deliciously) adopt a plant-based lifestyle.”

Violife explores new categories

In addition to the aforementioned Cocospread, Violife has further expanded its cheese categories and other offerings, including Violife Vioblock, which it launched in the UK last August as its first vegan butter. To reach broader demographics and dining occasions, the brand is also exploring offerings such as seasonal cheese platters, summer grill packs, and miniature versions of its cheeses.


“At Violife, we continue to create delicious herbal products that can be enjoyed by everyone,” Yoo said. “As we grow within and beyond the plant-based cheese category, we’re excited to bring more products to market that plant-curious consumers will love.”

These consumers are also increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the exploitation of animals to produce dairy products. For its part, Violife partnered with leading sustainability advisor Quantis to conduct a life cycle assessment of eight Violife cheese products earlier this year. The results showed that Violife’s vegan cheese carries half the carbon footprint of dairy cheese and uses less than a third less land. The brand translated these findings into its “Change” campaign – which launched last January, coinciding with Veganuary – which used a clever pun to inspire consumers to switch to vegan cheese.

Ultimately, the decades-old brand’s goal is to continue innovating in the dairy-free space with new products such as creamy dips, delicious spreads and umami-rich cheeses, to give every consumer something to be excited about. “We believe that once a consumer has tried Violife, the taste and performance meets or even exceeds their expectations,” Yoo said. “We are always looking for new ways to expand our offerings and bring more plant-based alternatives to consumers.”

VegNews readers voted Violife the winner of the “Best Basic Vegan Cheese” category at the 2022 Veggie Awards.

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