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Why ‘Izzar So’ Is Kannywood’s Biggest YouTube Drama Series

There is no doubt that Kannywood’s love-themed drama series ‘Izzar So’ is currently the most-watched Hausa film on the internet.

He streams on YouTube and has become a household name in Northern Nigeria and beyond.

It is hosted on the Bakori TV YouTube channel, which has over 953,000 subscribers.

On average, an episode of the series accumulates up to 400,000 views 24 hours after its broadcast.

As of press time, 98 episodes of the weekly drama series have been hosted on YouTube.

It is produced and directed by renowned Kannywood filmmaker and actor, Ahmad Lawan.

Kannywood stars Ali Nuhu, Ahamd Lawan, Aisha Najamu and Nana Izzar So feature in the production.

Mr. Lawan, in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, said that “Izzar So” is based on Islamic teaching and the ways of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“The film, Izzar So, is a success for me. I think it’s also massive because it’s basically about how a true Muslim should behave in life and their love life. It’s a movie that made a lot of people rethink their way of life.

“It was deliberate, and we did it so that people would know and see deliberately how they should live their lives by following what the Prophet (SAW) taught us. Many people congratulated me because of the film.

“Let me also tell you something that I am proud of, because of ‘Izzar So; two people joined Islam. The two women came from Gombe and told me that they are fans of the film and that they think they should be Muslims. They said they learned a lot about Islam from the film and they wanted to be Muslims. They are now Muslims.

Mr. Ahmed said he is already working on another series while bringing his audience the best of “Izzar So”.

Kannywood on YouTube

Lately, YouTube has become the saving grace of many Kannywood movie producers and actors.

Many film actors who are not producers have become producers because of the ease of access to American online video sharing and social media platforms.

Actors and producers are now making movies and hosting them on their dedicated YouTube channels for their subscribers to watch.

Because their YouTube channels are monetized, they can earn money through the digital platform.

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Ali Nuhu, a famous actor from Kannywood, claims that YouTube is a safer platform for his colleagues to earn their money quietly.

silver spinner

Again, PREMIUM Times checks revealed that a Kannywood movie hosted on YouTube gets up to 1 million views in less than a month.

Fati SU, a Kannywood star, said, “YouTube is free and accessible to everyone. No matter how small your phone is, you can access YouTube, so people prefer to watch movies on YouTube.

“And you get paid by YouTube, and you won’t be afraid to lose money.”

Another popular channel is Saira Movies. He has about 347,000 subscribers but also has more than a million views on some episodes of his famous series “Labarina”.

Ali Nuhu’s YouTube channel, which has about 167,000 subscribers, hosts a popular series, Alaqa, which viewers never miss.

The Zango television channel, owned by Adam Zango, has approximately 447,000 subscribers. Zango hosts all of its music videos and movies on the channel, and some of its music videos and movies have garnered over a million views.

Other Kannywood actors like Tijjani Asase and Isah Alolo also own YouTube TV channels where they host their movies for their audience.

Kannywood analyst Hassana Dalhat said the YouTube route was a wise move. He said actors and producers have taken advantage of the digital platform to stay in business.

“Let me tell you; I don’t see how Kannywood movies will ever make it to the competitive market like they did before. Piracy has taken hold of the entire industry. Only YouTube can save them and make them get good returns,” Mr. Dalhat said.

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