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What TheGamer Staff is playing this weekend, including Neon White and Final Fantasy VII Remake

Yesterday in the US the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that federally guaranteed the right to abortion nationwide. This decision, along with many recent court decisions, has made it increasingly clear that the United States Supreme Court is a right-wing tool for the advancement of American fascism and is fundamentally determined to reverse a century of progress. . People will die as a result of this ruling, which functionally criminalizes miscarriages and requires people with non-viable pregnancies to carry them to term, even if it results in the death of the parent.


Our answers below are largely lighthearted and were written before Friday morning’s ruling. But, in addition to the games, some TheGamer staff will also be using this weekend to attend protests and donate to abortion funds. We encourage you to do the same.

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If you’d like to help in some way but don’t know where to start, provides links to abortion funds for each state and where the nearest clinic is located for anyone in need of care.

Although it seems like an awful time to be an American, there are plenty of ways to help out and fight back, and taking care of yourself is an important part of the process. It’s important to get involved, but it’s also important to spend time resting and recharging. If you need to take some time to relax and play some video games this weekend, that’s okay.

Andrew King, Features Editor

I just finished Citizen Sleeper and am looking to continue my RPG streak. I played Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire a bit last week and I’d say I’ve given it about half a swashbuckling so far. This weekend, it’s time to stock up on swashbuckling. Other RPGs I could spend time with: Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, Triangle Strategy, Skyrim, Elden Ring, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. What are you saying ? Shredder’s Revenge is not an RPG. On the contrary, my brother. In this case, RPG stands for Reptiles eating Pizza in a Game, and you can’t deny that TMNT has it in abundance. In non-gaming news, I’d love to see Tom Hanks do his silly Elvis voice, so maybe I should let Baz Luhrman work his anachronistic musical magic on my brain.

Harry Alston, Editor-in-Chief

Finally, a Steam sale convinced me to buy Civilization 6. Oh, it’s a game that has ended up in my bucket several times over the past two years, but my reluctance to buy the game has always come from a concern for my own well-being. I have a few thousand hours in Civ 5. I love it. I still play it. The last thing I need, in the midst of a glorious British summer, is more reason to stay indoors. Look, I’m even trying to convince myself not to buy it after pressing the button. Too late. It settles. Oh my god, what have I done?

Stacey Henley, Editor-in-Chief

Thswkivbnplnnenwyt. That’s how I talk now. I speed everything up. I time myself by drinking a glass of water, then I time myself again, trying to beat my time. I only watch movies at x2 speed. I have the time to sneeze at 0.78 seconds, and I still think there’s wiggle room to shave a little. My makeup routine now involves throwing things in my face, checking my watch, then wiping it off and throwing things faster. Anyway, this week I played Neon White.

James Troughton, News/Pictures Editor

I’ve played a few RPGs while juggling an MMO and it’s getting exhausting. Big RPGs feel like they have no end and I usually give up before I really start, so I chose to start something smaller and narrower – Haven. Two lovers running away together to live a forbidden life in the middle of nowhere tickles my romantic heart, and despite its simplistic gameplay, this narrative hook kept me invested. Seeing these two cooking together, relaxing on the couch while discussing their shared past, and holding hands as they glide through an alien planet is too sweet.

David W. Duffy, Editor of Evergreen

Like James, I feel a little tired. I’m still deep into Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the Steam Deck after last weekend’s test, and I want to try and finish it while I’m still feeling it. Other than that, I’ll probably end up playing some smaller games this weekend – a bit of Armello, a few FIFA games, a few races in Gran Turismo, maybe even a tour or two in Flight Simulator or Euro Truck simulator. Harry reminded me that Civ 6 exists though, so it’s an option while watching cricket.

Amanda Hurych, Evergreen Content Manager

I’m playing Resident Evil 6 with my partner, and we’re currently going through the Ada and Agent campaign. This is one of the least cooperative co-op campaigns I’ve ever played, especially given the emphasis on teamwork in Resident Evil 6’s previous three campaigns. not there in cutscenes and there are moving objects that only Ada can interact with. The agent is basically there to shoot and look pretty. I let my partner be the first player in all the campaigns since it’s his first time with the game, and even though the action is cheesy, the combat a little unfair at times, and the dialogue squeaky, we have a great time.

Justin Reeve, editor

I play Formula 1 games every year, but this time I’m going to start about a week early because I’m writing a review. I’m a pretty big Formula 1 fan, so I’m planning on putting a ton of hours into Formula 1 2022 over the next two days. In case you were wondering, my favorite driver is Sebastian Vettel who I’ve followed since he won these world championships or maybe just a little earlier. As for teams, I’m not exactly sure I have one at the moment, but who doesn’t love Ferrari, right? I’ve already done time trials and a few custom races, which means I’m almost ready to start the campaign. I always make sure to get the correct control calibrations before doing anything serious. The game definitely looks like one of the best to come out so far and it’s the perfect match for what is shaping up to be an exciting Formula 1 season.

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