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What the staff at Poor Richard’s Books think you should read

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This week’s library: Poor Richard’s Books & Gifts, 320 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs

The Tin Man

By Sarah Winman
GP Putnam’s & Sons
$14.00 (paperback)
April 9, 2019

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From the publisher: Ellis and Michael were 12 when they first became friends, and for a long time they were just the two of them, cycling the streets of Oxford, learning to swim, discovering poetry and dodging fists authoritarian fathers. And then one day, that closest friendship turns into something more. But then we fast forward a decade to find that Ellis is married to Annie and Michael is nowhere in sight. Which begs the question, what happened in the years in between?

From Jeffery Payne, Book Department Coordinator: Touching, crisp prose that packs emotion, longing and lost memories of love into a compact novel. The heart will soar, then break as the story progresses. Read this one slowly, enjoy the dialogue, the nuances of time and place so well captured, and bear witness to the experience and observation of two minds so obviously in love.

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Dead at dawn

By Paul Doiron
Minotaur Books
June 29, 2021

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From the publisher: Mike Bowditch is fighting for his life. After being ambushed on a dark winter road, Bowditch crashes his Jeep into a frozen river. But surviving the crash is only the first challenge. Whoever set the trap that kicked him off the road is still out there, and they’re coming for him. As Mike faces a battle to stay alive, he must dissect the hours before the ambush and solve two puzzles: which of these people desperately wants him dead, and what did he do to get their anger ?

From Jeffery Payne, Book Department Coordinator: The affable and graceless game warden Mike Bowditch returns in this frenetic mystery that jumps from the start. The latest novel in a great series by Paul Doiron, we’re pushed into high gear as the game warden fights for his life while trying to solve multiple mysteries at once. The author brings a clever mix of suspense and mystery, well-developed characters, and captures the essence of Maine’s forests incredibly well. Get ready to read this terrific book in one sitting!

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Sardine Eloquence

By Bill Francois
Saint Martin Press
August 17, 2021

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From the publisher: With erudition and charm, marine scientist and orator Bill François takes us on a deep dive into the secret lives of the world’s aquatic creatures, from musical whales and immortal eels to the cod that discovered America and the herring that nearly failed. cause military conflict – to name a few. We hear the songs of seahorses and scallops, listen to the conversations of lobsters and swim in the glow of fluorescent jellyfish.

From Jeffery Payne, Book Department Coordinator: We are immediately welcomed, engaged and entertained as we join the author in his infectious wonder as he shares whimsical, wondrous and completely true whimsical tales of the underwater world. The narrative style reads like a scientific fairy tale that asks us to use our senses and imagination to learn and explore the mystical depths. A fascinating read that covers so much more than the ‘humble’ sardine, he takes us by the fins and we examine through his observations, folklore and scientific techniques a handful of aquatic creatures that make the ocean less scary and gain new perspectives on how we all relate to each other.

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