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‘Wendy Williams Show’ staff reportedly had a plan in place for her death

The Wendy Williams Show The staff were reportedly so concerned about the passing of Wendy Williams during the show’s final season that they braced for her death. Williams’ health prevented her from returning to the show, which forced producers to rely on guest hosts for the entire 2021-22 season. Debmar-Mercury, the show’s distributor, canceled Wendy and will replace it with Sherri Shepherd’s Sherristarting this fall.

Sources said Speed ​​cameras online last week that the Wendy the staff found themselves in a strange position. “It’s not uncommon for the media to prepare obituaries for older stars or melting celebrities like Britney Spears. However, preparing a tribute to say ‘goodbye’ to one’s own boss was bizarre,” the sources said. September 7.

Part of the preparations included a montage that would air if the 58-year-old host died. “The producers had an edited package ready to go in case the worst happened,” the source said. “It was basically a highlight reel honoring all of Wendy’s greatest moments set to very sad music.”

Wendy Season 13 was delayed several times last year, first due to Williams’ breakthrough case of COVID-19, then due to his ongoing complications from Graves’ disease. The show eventually premiered a month later than other talk shows, but with a list of guest hosts. In February, producers confirmed that Williams would not be returning, and Debmar-Mercury canceled the show. WendyThe last episode of aired on June 17, without Williams appearing. Debmar-Mercury also cleaned up the show’s videos on YouTube and social media.

The final episode was one of the weirdest moments in modern television history. In August, Debmar-Mercury senior vice president of marketing, Adam Lewis, said The Hollywood Reporter that it was difficult to understand how it would work. “We knew we really didn’t want it to feel like an in-memoriam because she’s very much alive,” Lewis explained. “We weren’t going to do this huge countdown with party balloons because it didn’t feel festive.”

In the end, they decided to air a feel-good highlight reel of Williams’ work which Shepherd featured. They also never seriously considered including Williams herself. “Putting her as a guest or making a video message of her would be a disservice to Wendy, who is so much bigger than that,” an anonymous producer said. THR. Williams then criticized the finale.

Williams teased other projects. In August, she told fans on Instagram that she was preparing to launch a podcast called The Wendy Experience. Williams shared a new photo of herself in front of a microphone on Aug. 29, but the podcast still hasn’t launched. Meanwhile, Shepherd prepares for the launch of Sherriwhich debuts on September 12.