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VIXEN will be releasing a brand new single within two months

VIXEN singer Lorraine Lewis confirmed to SW Wall Talks that she and her bandmates plan to release a new single soon. “I want people to understand: it’s not an album release yet,” she said (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “We’ve decided to release singles. So that’s our plan. Will there be a VIXEN the album finally? Of course there will be. But we decided instead to take all of our time to really get it right, which would mean we’d probably all be together in one place for quite a while, and that’s not really conducive for all of us… Even though I -same, Julia [Lage, VIXEN bassist] and British [Lightning, a.k.a. Brittany Denaro, VIXEN guitarist], we are all in California. But I’m in Palm Springs now. It’s only a 45 minute flight. But Roxy [Petrucci, VIXEN drummer] is in Michigan. So for us to really do a full album would mean we’d be locked away for a few months all together, and I’d love to do that, but we don’t really have that luxury. So instead we release singles. So I guess in the next two months – I don’t think it’ll be longer than that – we’re going to be bringing you, each of you, a new VIXEN Single. British heads out on Wednesday to drop off his lead guitars. This is Fred Courry [CINDERELLA drummer] who produces. And, yeah, it’s gonna be really, really fun, and I can’t wait for people to hear it. I dropped my lead vocals about two months ago, and I’m really happy with it. And fred was really happy. fred was really great to work with.”

asked if she and she VIXEN the bandmates started working on new music quite quickly after officially joining the band in early 2019, Lorraine said, “Right away. I’d say within six months we were in the studio. We were in a rehearsal studio down in the valley and we were working on ideas. And then British and me, during COVID, we were working together just on Zoom, at least trying, because there is a weird reaction. But we wrote a lot of songs together. And so there’s another song that we’re hoping to record very soon, and it might be with [producer] Toby Wright. So we have things to cook. But it didn’t take long. When we were together in the rehearsal studio, also working on the music, and that’s when To share [Ross, longtime VIXEN bassist] was with us, [it was] just super natural. They’d drop something off and I’d just walk in with something on it and To share would add a vocal line and a melody line and words. And it was just easy. We didn’t have the luxury of doing it with Julia again, but I’m sure it will happen. And I know Julia is a prolific composer herself, so I think we’ll be making new music with her as well.”

four months ago, Ross announced that she was “taking a break” from VIXEN. Her replacement is Ageformerly of latin grammys-Brazilian rock band nominated SAIA BAR and wife of Richie Kotzen. Age made his live debut with VIXEN on February 8 at the pre-rock monsters concert-cruise at the Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida.

When Ross released the news of his departure during the pre-rock monsters cruise concert, she told the crowd that “life got a little complicated” and that “something has to give”, resulting from her decision to “walk away from VIXEN for a while.” She then introduced her “amazing” replacement and urged the VIXEN fans to “gracefully” open their arms and welcome Age to the group. At the moment, Julia and his new band mates hit the trail “Streets in Paradise” and played the last two songs of the set with Ross watch the proceedings from the side of the stage.

During a February 11 appearance on SiriusXMit is “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk”, Julia talked about how she ended up dating VIXENsaying: “To share takes a break. She wants to do her thing [and focus on her real estate career]. She kicks ass. She’s gonna write and perform forever – I mean, she’s a badass artist and bassist, singer, everything, songwriter. So I got the invite, and I was like, ‘Yeah, sure I’ll join. Sure.'”

Asked how other members of VIXEN contacted her to join the group, Julia said, “Well, actually, oddly enough, before British joined VIXENMe and her tried to start a band, right when she moved to LA But it didn’t work out, and then she joined VIXEN, and I was super happy for her. So, fast forward, she actually called me a couple months ago and she told me about the script, and I was, like, ‘Yeah. I would love [to do it]. I mean, it’s an honor for me to join VIXEN.’ So it happened. And that was it. It was so fast. And I was just, ‘Okay. Connect me. Where can I go?’ [Laughs]”

Age also talked about his first performance with VIXEN at the pre-rock monsters cruise gig, saying, “[Share played] a little more than half of the whole, then [before] the last three songs, she stopped [the show] and talked about [her plans] a bit and told everyone what was going to happen and introduced me. And then I stepped in and played the last three songs with them. And then she actually came back for the last song and sang with us. It was just very nice. I also thought it was very moving. It was a good way to transition.”

Pressed to know if her position with VIXEN is only temporary or she will join the group permanently, Julia said, “We haven’t really discussed it, but [Share is] taking his time. She could come back; she could [not]. I do not know. Whenever they need me, I’m there for them. And I’m going to do my best to honor his bass lines and everything. And I’m going to have fun with it, that’s for sure.”

The only remaining member of VIXENThe “classic” range is Petrucci.

In January 2019, VIXEN recruited lewis as a new singer after the departure of Janet Gardner.

lewis had already played with VIXEN in March 2018 in Durant, Oklahoma while Gardner was recovering from an operation.

Prior to lewisis added to VIXEN, Petrucci, Ross and Denaro pledged to “develop VIXEN legacy while staying true to our musical roots.”

Gardner, Petrucci and Ross are considered part of VIXENthe classic lineup of, with the founding guitarist Jan Kuehnemunddied of cancer in October 2013.

Gardner contributed lead vocals to VIXENthe most commercially successful studio albums — “Vixen” (1988),“Wake Him Up” (1990) and “Mandarin” (1998) – as well as the band’s final release, the 2018 live album “Live Fire”.

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posted by Vixen on Tuesday, May 24, 2022