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Vixen from multi-award-winning children’s theater company, Traveling Light, will open at the Greenwich Theater

Multi-award-winning children’s theater company, Traveling Light, presents an engaging story for ages 7 and up at the Greenwich Theatre. The Bristol-based theater company presents its exciting new show Vixen for 7-12 year olds and their families out of 10and – 11and May 2022.

Vixen is an inspirational original story by Matt Grinter (2016 Papatango Award winner for his first play ORCA) about a young Saffi girl who lives on an estate with her father. After being scratched by a vixen in the raincoat man’s garden, Saffi begins to transform and dreams of running away to live with her family of foxes.

The show explores themes of family and friendship, community, loss, belonging, and the joy of learning to appreciate the people and places around us.


As writer Matt Grinter explains, “It’s a simple and empowering story about how uplifting it can be to find your place in your community. The show is about finding your pack and looking for the things in the people around us that make us happy. It’s about looking beyond what we see on the surface and discovering what makes your community vibrant and unique.

Saffi is played by Bristol-based actor and theater maker Alice Lamb. Alice says, “I love sharing this story with young people. It has so many layers. It’s so much fun but also exciting and touching at the same time. It’s about how you feel you belong in the community you’re in, which I think a lot of people can relate to.

Audiences of all ages can expect to see beauty hidden in mundane places, friendships that don’t follow the rules, the things that bind us together, and a girl who wants to belong. And one thing is for sure, as writer Matt Grinter says, “You’ll never look at a fox or the streets around you the same way again!”

Vixen will be performed at the Greenwich Theater on 10and – 11and May 2022. For tickets and further information visit: or call the box office on 020 8858 7755.