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USVI Producer ‘Marvelus’ Launches Impactful Riddim With Top Soca Artists As World Begins Transition To Normalcy

Featuring global Soca artists such as Patrice Roberts and Skinny Fabulous, U.S. Virgin Islands producer Marvelus, whose first name is Iaryn Williams, dropped a hard-hitting “skipping” Soca beat on Friday that looks set to take over the entertainment scene. and Soca lovers. around the world by storm.

The beat, titled “GOT RIDDIM” has “Game of Thrones” themes in its art design. The production, which also features USVI artists BugZBugs and Adam O, was released as jurisdictions around the world move away from the Covid-induced restrictions that had become the norm during the two-year global emergency. But things change in many parts of the worldUS states that once had the tightest restrictions are easing them as signs become clearer that the world may well be in the final days of the pandemic.

So it only makes sense that Mr. Williams would release the blockbuster production at this time. He is not the only one: a multitude of other producers and artists in various genres are starting to release music long held back because of the Covid-19. Dancehall sensation Shenseea is set to release their long-awaited album on March 11; Reggae and dancehall star Koffee releases album March 25; Soca King Machel Montano and Soca Viking artist Ding Dong released a song today titled “Bad load“. Other Soca artists have released songs throughout the pandemic, including Patrice Roberts’ hit single.”mind my businesson the “Happy Grandpa Riddim”.

The GOT RIDDIM is reminiscent of JabJab Soca sounds such as Problem Child’s “Crazy People” and other similar hits. But it stands out because Mr. Williams, one of USVI’s top producers, seamlessly fuses the USVI style of music into the beat, making for a production that captures a wide range of Soca music lovers. . Plus, with features like Skinny Fabulous and Patrice Roberts, the production has the potential to reach millions and help Mr. Williams in his quest to continue expanding his creativity beyond the US Virgin Islands.

Indeed, Mr. Williams apparently achieved everything he could in the USVI as a music producer; he is considered among the greats of the territory. The Consortium’s Quarantine Jam in April 2020, held in conjunction with Mr. Williams who led the “Big Band”, has the record for the most concurrent people watching a stream in the territory to date at nearly 10,000, and the most comments, 163,000. The event was then viewed 338,000 times and reached 626,000 people.

Other GOT RIDDIM artists include D. Mennis (monkey knows) and Lil Natty & Thunder (Route New Route), the latter with a 2018 hit titled best striker which has been widely performed at events.

But by far one of the most impactful tracks on the rhythm is that of Ricardo Dru Tornado. True to its title, the song is about the synergy that forms when people come together, put aside their worries, and let themselves be swept up in the euphoria of the moment while moving to the beat.

Dru also sets up the plot well, especially in the first verse, which says, “This is Dru reporting live from the weather scene in the field, things are starting to get wild, you can see they have their rum. Unpredictable like the weather, but they’re dangerous like the wind, then the DJ dropped a riddim, and the whole place started singing. And they shouted aye aye, aye aye, aye aye, everyone is hanging on, coming together, hanging on, coming together, hanging on, coming together – spinning around… like a tornado, tornado, tornado.” Dru’s song is almost sure to be among the most played at parties in 2022 and beyond.

Mr. Williams has come a long way since his days with Stylee Band, which he founded. At the time, he rocked the local music scene with Kylo, ​​the ubiquitous vocalist of VI who died in a plane crash in December 2017and whose memory Mr. Williams regularly invokes.

Earlier this week he posted a short clip on Instagram of one of the songs that defined Kylo and the Stylee Band, called “Pick it Up”. On the description, Mr Williams wrote: “Years ago me and my mate @kylofresh did a classic! It was the birth of a whole new era. speak, this shit ain’t been easy without you but I already know you’re proud of your boy and I just want you to know I’ve been proud of you since day one.”

The entire GOT RIDDIM playlist is here. The songs will soon be available on your favorite streaming platforms.

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