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Up-and-coming music producer BlackLight’s upcoming single “Come Party With Me (Cowboy Mix)” will be released on September 2

Electronic dance music is a broad genre and one of the most popular subgenres of this musical form is techno. The musical form is based on certain rhythms which generate happy feelings inside your brain. Upcoming music producer and performer Black light has built a brilliant soundscape driven by his love and passion for the Techno genre. He is ready to surprise his fans once again with his next release, Come party with me (cowboy mix)which marks his best performance to date. The new techno house mix will be released on September 2 this year and it will be a huge hit just like the previous ones.

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, the multi-talented musician is also an avid songwriter. He has been involved in music for a long time. During this time he experimented a lot with different elements of electronic dance music and its subgenres. He aims to dominate raves and music festivals around the world with his compositions of EDM and house music. He wants to spread his good and positive vibes to the global EDM community through his extraordinary collection of dance music. There is a unique dance ability in each of his creations that attracts audiences.

Working under Plurred Vision Records, Black light been making exclusive dance music for years. He releases another epic techno house number, Come party with me (cowboy mix)next month. The song features the beautiful synchronized dance of various EDM beats with a dominant techno house essence. The driving beats are enough to get you on the dance floor. Some of his most popular soundtracks are “Friday Night Hustle (Original & Extended Mix)”, “What It Feels Like (Original Mix)”, “Deep (Original Mix)”, “Hey (Original Mix)”, and more Again. Follow him on Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more to listen to his music. And follow him on Twitter, instagramand Facebook for more.

sound cloud: me-cowboy-mix

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