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UNG President Pays Incentive Bonuses to Faculty and Staff – WGAU

University of North Georgia President Bonita Jacobs has disbursed more than $117,000 among 15 Presidential Incentive Awards to provide institutional support for faculty and staff to pursue new and innovative ideas during the year. academic year 2022-23.

“This year’s winners represent outstanding scholarships and innovative projects that have been selected from an impressive number of proposals,” said Jacobs. “This program enriches the student experience at UNG by encouraging scientific and creative work that supports faculty and staff excellence.”

In 2013, Jacobs launched a program to encourage faculty and staff scholarships in its many forms, from research to creative innovations. Since then, more than $2.3 million has been invested in research and academic work.

This year, a total of 48 entries were submitted across the three award categories (semester, summer and innovation). Semester scholarships include release of a full semester from teaching and provide financial support of up to $12,000 each, while summer scholarships provide up to $10,000 in support. The Innovation Awards allocate up to $5,000 each to support interdisciplinary and/or cross-functional collaborations or individual pursuits focused on innovations and partnerships to promote the implementation of best practices.

The four winners of the Presidential Semester Incentive Award are:

· Ian Afflerbach, Assistant Professor of English, for his book project “A History of Selling Out”.

· Melissa Schindler, assistant professor of English, for “‘¿Adónde vas?’ : The Influence of Latin America on Afrofuturism.”

· Miriam Segura-Totten, professor of biology, for “Expanding understanding of how undergraduate biology students engage with primary literature.”

· Dwight Wilson, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, for “Financialization in Latin America”.

“I am delighted to have received a Semester Presidential Incentive Award,” said Segura-Totten. “Being able to focus solely on research during the fall semester will allow me to collect data through interviews with students and faculty at two institutions: Florida International University and North Carolina A&T. this data will expand current knowledge about how undergraduates read and analyze scientific research articles in ways that make this practice more inclusive.

The winners of this year’s Presidential Summer Incentive Award are:

· Esther Morgan-Ellis, Associate Professor of Music, for “Crossover, Exchange, Appropriation: Editing a Music Pedagogy Collection for Routledge”.

· Sonny Mantry, Associate Professor of Physics, for “Precision Calculations and Simulation Studies in High-Energy Particle Physics.”

· Natalie Hyslop, Professor of Biology; Dr. Jennifer Mook, professor of biology; and Dr. Abby Neyer, assistant professor of biology, for “analysis of resource use of a long-lived vertebrate in the presence of a widely distributed invasive plant species in Georgia.”

Adam Frey, Associate Professor of Music, for “The Art of Practice – An Advanced Multi-Lingual Music Performance Textbook”.

“I am so grateful that UNG made this funding available and maintained it through difficult financial times,” said Morgan-Ellis. “It’s the best faculty support program we have, and it’s one of the reasons I chose to pursue a career at UNG.”

The Presidential Incentive Awards for Innovation were awarded to:

· Enes Aganovic, Deputy Director of Technology Integration, for “Biomechanical modeling of the foot and spine”.

· Roger Runquist, Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Leadership, for the “Certified Peer Observation Program”.

· Kendra Ramey, lecturer in mathematics, for the “College Algebra Summer Camp”.

· Erin Bush, Assistant Professor of History, Anthropology and Philosophy, and Dr. Melissa Schindler, Assistant Professor of English, for “Narrative North Georgia: Team-Teaching and Undergraduate Research at a Multi-Campus Institution”.

· John Bragelman, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, for “The Development of Observation by Future Teachers of Children’s Mathematical Thinking – A Longitudinal Study.”

· Lu Xu, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing, for “The Influence of Augmented Reality Mobile Applications in the Consumer Decision-Making Process”.

· Danielle Hartsfield, associate professor in elementary and special education; Dr. Danielle Hilaski, Associate Professor in Elementary and Special Education; Dr. Jennie Jones, assistant professor of elementary and special education; Dr. Nicole Maxwell, Associate Professor of Elementary and Special Education; and Dr. Tiffany Watson, Assistant Professor of Elementary and Special Education, for “The Power and Potential of Nonfiction: A Workshop for Teacher Candidates.”