Musical staff

Trump’s staff sang him Broadway show tunes to calm his rage

On Tuesday, former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson provided some of the most explosive testimony we’ve heard so far during the January 6 hearings when she shared never-before-seen details about what was going on in the west wing as rioters attacked the Capitol. The picture she painted of Donald Trump in particular was not a pretty one.

According to Hutchinson, Trump’s petulance was on full display on January 6, 2021, when he allegedly threw a series of tantrums over everything from his armed supporters not being allowed to attend his Stop the Steal rally (he was supposedly convinced they weren’t here to hurt him) to be told he couldn’t go to the Capitol to participate in the insurrection with his homies (the story of Trump trying to seize the stealing and suffocating a Secret Service agent with his free hand will fall within his shitty legacy).

While several Trump loyalists (and Trump himself) have attempted to portray Hutchinson as an ignorant assistant in search of her 15 minutes of fame, other White House insiders who know Hutchinson, including the former chief Trump’s acting cabinet minister, Mick Mulvaney, stand by Hutchinson and his credibility.

However, that a septuagenarian toddler has been at the head of the country for four years should not surprise anyone. Hutchinson’s testimony that January 6 was not the first or only time she had seen or heard of the Trump crisis reminded many people, including The New York Times‘ Peter Baker, of the 2021 revelation that among his employees was someone known as ‘The Music Man’, whose job it was to sing show tunes to the then President whenever he was too grumpy.

This anecdote was first shared in late 2021 by Stephanie Grisham, former White House press secretary and eventual chief of staff to Melania Trump. Last year, Grisham opened up about life inside Trump’s wacky White House in his memoir, I will answer your questions nowand she spoke to Baker on Tuesday, where she essentially confirmed that Hutchinson’s admissions matched what she had witnessed as part of the Trump team.

“His temper was scary. And quick,” Grisham said The New York Times. “He would snap and almost lose control.”

While a lot of people probably didn’t mistake Trump for a Broadway guy, he’s apparently a big fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cats especially. In fact, in 2020 Webber sent a cease and desist letter to Trump for using “Memory” at his rallies. In 2016, he received the same negative reaction from the creators of Wretched after Trump performed “Do You Hear The People Sing?” from the musical at another rally.