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TONIGHT!!! Viewz starts. The producer encourages artists to capitalize on digital marketing. – Ebuzztt

Alexander and his team are on a mission to see artists who walk through their doors at PengCo Music reap holistic rewards. “We’re launching something we call ‘Viewz’ on Thursday, June 9the via iENT digital platforms – Youtube, Facebook and Instagram,” he explained, noting that partners like the entertainment platform,, Promo Solutions, Guinness and Red Box Illustrations have joined in to ensure that deliverables are met.

The streaming event will take place every Thursday from 8 p.m., for a three-month period, via iENT social platforms, and will feature artists like Frequency, King David, Lady Lava, Keturah Gamba, Orlando Octave and d others who received production services from Peng Co Music. The weekly showcase will also highlight musical guests who have worked with PengCo Music over the past decade. “When the pandemic started, music became an elusive goal for many. In an attempt to stimulate the industry, I first lowered my production costs by 70%. In doing so, I started to meet so many talented artists who were under the radar,” Alexander said. After delivering about 300 new singles to these new artists, Randal said he made a necessary observation. “I noticed that most artists really struggled to get their name out there. The reasons differed, but the most common reasons were lack of knowledge and lack of means,” he explained.

Alexander began to teach these artists, equipping them with valuable insights and knowledge they may never have known before. “I tried to give them all the information and all the tools that would transform their careers. A small group of these artists were very diligent. They applied, worked hard and persisted and because of that Viewz was created.

According to Alexander, Viewz will be used as a platform to drive much-desired traffic to content provided by these very talented artists. The campaign’s goal is to generate 400,000 viewers per month for the weekly showcase. At the end of the showcase, the goal of promoting these artists and their music will be achieved.

In April, PengCo Music launched a riddim called Riddim Up, which highlighted some of the artists who will be featured on Viewz. Their songs and many other singles from these underground artists will be presented to the world from June 9e.

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