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To help! How can I make the office more appealing to my staff?

Most of us have been spending a lot more time outdoors in nature during the pandemic, so could bringing nature to the office help attract workers to their office? In this episode, Isabel Berwick, host of Working It and editor of the FT’s Work and Careers, talks to architect Rick Cook about his “biophile” buildings. Rick creates buildings that not only look beautiful, but stimulate us to smell, feel and touch the world around us, bringing beehives, greenery and even praying mantises into the lives of employees. Isabel also talks to FT New York correspondent and Working It regular Josh Chaffin about the vanguard of office design in the United States. There are hired hospitality groups to give offices the look and feel of cool private clubs, as well as ice cream carts and new quiet spaces for introverts. Will it make reluctant employees give up working from home? What can managers do to make their offices even more attractive and healthy?

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