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TICK, TICK… BOOM! at Out Of The Box Theater Company

The cast of Tick, tick… Boom!

Jonathan Larson is best known for writing LEASE, the classic 1990s rock musical that defined the era of musical theatre. Larson tragically died in his thirties, leaving a very small body of theatrical work, comprising just three shows – one of which is Out of the Box Theater Company’s upcoming production, Tick, tick… Boom!. The origins of LEASE are evident in Tick, tick… Boom!, a show about a similar subject: the bohemian lifestyle of hungry young adults in New York City who set out to create a piece of heritage art. The show was written as a one-man play for Larson and was reworked into a three-man musical after Larson’s death by David Auburn and Stephen Oremus.

BWW Previews: TICK, TICK...BOOM!  at Out Of The Box Theater CompanyPresenting this month at the Center Stage Theatre, Tick, tick… Boom! has the bones of an autobiography: the main character is a musical theater writer named Jonathan (played by Nikko Arce) who is trying to get a foot in the door of the New York theater scene. He’s 30, his friends are progressing in their careers, and he’s learning to manage expectations and reality in his life’s endeavors. Tick, tick… Boom! talks about that feeling of dissatisfaction and the urge and ambition to make changes for the better.

In addition to Jonathan, there’s Michael (best friend; played by Carzie Carter) and Susan (the girlfriend). Said Samantha Eve, who both directs the series and plays Susan, “Jonathan juggles between his “survival” work and his creative passion. Michael gave up his artistic career in pursuit of something more practical and financially secure on Madison Avenue. Susan is fed up with the 24/7 hustle and bustle that comes with living in New York and is considering leaving town. They all represent different paths, fellow artists and friends making choices in their lives leading them into adulthood in varying directions. All three grapple with the well-known struggle of balancing art and life in their own way. It’s something that every artist I know has struggled with.”

BWW Previews: TICK, TICK...BOOM!  at Out Of The Box Theater CompanyEve is also the artistic director of Out of the Box. “Jonathan Larson was ahead of his time,” she says. “He was trying to write musicals with a contemporary rock sound – real rock – at a time when that just wasn’t done. He used musical theater as a vehicle to focus on real-life issues and topics that would resonate with his audience. LEASE opened on Broadway in 1996. Other Broadway musicals that year included A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, Wholesale, Once upon a time there was a mattress, state fairand The king and me. All entertaining shows in their own right, but no one was doing what Larson was doing… Larson was walking so contemporary musical theater could work. »

Tick, tick… Boom! also gained popularity thanks to the recent film starring Andrew Garfield. The production of Out of the Box is a more intimate version of the film, with only three actors and a more streamlined, figurative approach to the look of the scene. This is Out of the Box’s first production since 2019, and the crew are thrilled to be back in theaters!

Don’t miss Tick, tick… Boom! April 29, 30 and May 1 at the Center Stage Theatre.

Out of the Box Theater Company presents:
Tick, tick… Boom!
directed by Samantha Eve

April 29-May 1
Center Stage Theater