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This Indo-British Producer Makes Films About LGBTQ, Raising Issues Nobody Talks About

It all started when Neeraj Churi moved to the UK and started funding movies after some friends from the LGBTQIA+ community approached him. He took this opportunity to help the community and give back to them in any way he could. So he chose cinema — to be precise — feature films.

He has earned numerous credits and accolades for his feature films including Evening Shadows, Sisak and Sheer Qorma which stars Shabana Azmi, Divya Dutta and Swara Bhaskar in lead roles. As part of the Kashish Film Festival, which is held every year, the community-owned Neeraj awards a handful of QDrishti Film Grants to aspiring queer filmmakers to help them reach milestones in the industry.

Neeraj Churi

His goal ? Support the LGBTQIA+ community, provide opportunities for LGBTQIA+ filmmakers and writers, and have a huge audience to spread awareness about the community. “I want to open up more and more avenues for the community. Characters in mainstream movies played by transgender people are often portrayed in a negative light. I want that to stop,” he said. IndiaTimes.

Talking about the films, videos and series he has produced with a special message, he mentioned Mind Mera Mind, Catch The Light and Tore Binaall available on YouTube.

Girl losing her sight, explores bisexuality

He said, “In catch the light series, a young girl who loses her sight explores her bisexuality. She has just lost her mother, moved in with her father from whom she is separated. Moving to the new city has opened up new possibilities, new friendships and the freedom to explore herself.”

Neeraj Churi
Neeraj Churi

Man struggles with sexuality, anxiety

Speaking about a film he is very close to, Churi said, “In Spirit Mera Spirit, a young man who has just started to become independent, finds himself struggling with issues related to sexuality, body image and the search for love. It gets to the point where his daily functioning is impaired, with insomnia, self-doubt and anxiety keeping him nervous.” He explains that the film is about mental health and the taboo surrounding the subject.

Trans child abandoned by his family, accepted by LGBTQIA+

Churi further talks about a music video based on a phenomenon that happens more than often. “Tore Bina is a song about a trans child abandoned by his family but accepted by the LGBTQIA+ community. And grows up to be a lawyer,” he said.

Neeraj Churi
Neeraj Churi

“The two things I vouch for are: authenticity and representation. I want this to be addressed through my films. I try to capture the pulse of the community through my work and the conversations people have about us.”

His appeal to other filmmakers

Appealing, Churi said, “Anyone making a film about transgender or bisexual people should speak to them and portray them properly. To make it come out properly. Be authentic, that’s all,” he added.

Neeraj Churi
Neeraj Churi

Churi has produced 13 films so far and many of his films have screened at global film festivals. He is an alumnus of the New York Film Academy and also holds degrees in Information Science Management, and has worked extensively in complex project management for leading financial institutions in the past.

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