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Things to do: Angelo Moore and the brand new stopover of the Continental Club

Everyone deserves a new opportunity in life. Ask the legendary leader to Fish bone Angelo Moore. “Brand New Step was a whole new step for me,” says Moore.

Angelo Moore and the brand new step will perform in Houston for the first time on Friday, May 20 at The continental club with Houston swimwear department and DJ Big E opening the show.

“I can always say that everyone deserves a whole new stage, we all do, but for me this has been a whole new stage because it’s always good to have a different perspective on music and art. “says Moore.

“The Brand New Step is a different reason and perspective for me to play music outside of Fishbone, not take Fishbone off but sometimes I can’t do certain things there. It’s a whole different kind of music. It’s dance music. It’s the disco ball of my life.

Fishbone is known not only for Moore’s impressive and magnetic energy on stage which made him one of the greatest singers of all time, but also for his ability to mix many genres ranging from ska, punk, reggae and metal while spreading a social conscience. message.

“Fishbone is much angrier,” Moore describes. “Brand New Step is a much more hip disco. You have bell bottoms, sequins and it’s a lot more peace, love and hippie hugs.

“Fishbone is much angrier. Brand New Step is a much more hippified disco.”

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Angelo Moore and The Brand New Step definitely maintain Fishbone’s socially conscious groove, wrapped in funky, swaying beats.

The project began in 2013 when Moore was approached by Kris Jensen and the Austin producer Jim Greer approached him after a screening of the documentary Everyday Sun: The Fishbone Story.

“I’ll try anything once and so I went up north to San Francisco and did some collabs with these guys,” Moore says in his forceful, sincere manner.

“The Brand New Step haven’t had the opportunity to play as often, but once in a while we’ll get some good momentum, so I think we’re getting some good momentum now,” Moore said of the upcoming stops. of the group. in Austin, Houston and New Orleans.

“It’s one of those things where the group is scattered. It’s not a local thing, so when we play it’s more of an operation than not bringing everyone together.

Coming together physically isn’t the only challenge for the group. Moore describes how initially working with The Brand New Step was a creative challenge for him as the multi-instrumentalist had never worked with pre-made samples and beats.

“I don’t do that in Fishbone but it definitely put me in a situation where I have to use a different perspective to appreciate the pre-recorded track because in Fishbone and the other stuff I’m into, it’s all real instruments and real musicians.

Moore advises all of his collaborators to think about how these samples were created to begin with and to go ahead and learn the instruments needed to create the sounds they are looking for.

“I work to create the rhythms. Whenever I step into The Brand New Step I always come from school to play your instrument do it well and create your own beats but if we’re going to incorporate tracks into the music it should be something thing as an accessory for the essential thing,” he says, comparing it to getting ready for a night out where the outfit takes precedence over the details of jewelry and shoes.

“The reason I play all these instruments that I play is if the band I’m in can’t manifest the idea for me. I don’t want to be left there without being able to produce a musical part because I depend on someone else who doesn’t come for me, so I have to learn to play the instrument myself.

Although Moore plays a wide variety of instruments ranging from saxophone to piano, organ, drums and thereminwho will be part of their live shows this week, it’s her voice and lyrics that are the real stoppers of the show.

Moore, also known as Dr Madd Vibe, is also a poet with three published books of poetry to his credit. He is working on cataloging his lyrics online to give people easy access to his lyrics.

“Dr. Madd Vibe recommends that you arm yourself with a protective and prophylactic layer of awareness,” he says softly.

“It’s to raise awareness,” he says. “I use words. You can get sound and intent from a musical instrument, but you can’t make the musical instrument speak a language and that’s the first thing people gravitate towards or recognize, these are the words.

Even though Moore has been actively making music since 1979, he never lost his childlike enthusiasm and energy for making music and connecting with audiences. His life and work have recently been documented in ForeverMoore; The Angelo project is due out on Amazon this summer.

“I’m grateful to still be playing music and making a living from it since 1979, man. I only had two jobs, one was at McDonald’s and I got fired,” Moore laughs. I always tell them not to grow up, it’s a trap.”

When asked what it was like to watch his life in film, Moore replied, “It’s kind of trippy watching me, people call me an icon and a legend. I think to myself, aren’t they usually dead when people talk about them? »

“I’m grateful. I’m gonna do what I gotta do so I can stay here the longest and when it’s time for me to leave, well I’ll be out of this motherfucker but I’ll tell you, I’m trying to leave behind him very good things for the human race and the inhabitants of the planet to enjoy, learn and smile throughout their lives.

Angelo Moore and The Brand New Step will perform Friday, May 20 at The Continental Club, 3700 Main. Doors 8 p.m., $15-30.