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The Rubicon Dance Company will present the London premiere of their “Triple Bill”

RUBICON DANCE COMPANY is Wales’ most exciting new dance company this century! Led by Creative Director Jamiel Laurence – former Scottish Ballet soloist and producer of the all-star Ballet Nights series – and Rubicon Dance CEO and Artistic Director Kathryn Williams, the company’s TRIPLE BILL is a sizzling program of three new works by Jamiel Laurence, Anna Watkins and Marcus Jarrell Willis.

Jamiel Laurence says: “Rubicon Dance Company is already becoming a force of change for dance in Wales as we approach our one year anniversary which coincides with our premiere in London. We can’t wait to perform in London and give audiences a taste of the great future of dance in Wales!”

Jamiel Laurence will present Read-Only Memory which incorporates his love for science fiction and the future of technology; Anna Watkins will present 24HR, a deep dive into mental health from inside a therapy room; and Marcus Jarrell Willis will present High Jinks where we join a group of people having fun in their favorite pub.



Choreography: Jamiel Laurence
Music: Sonia Killman
Costumes: Rhiannon Matthews
Ensemble: Tancred Matthews

In the distant future, new technologies may allow us to relive our memories from a new perspective as they are projected in front of us. Read-Only Memory explores how a dystopian society might find use in this technology as a form of punishment…

“I love science fiction and was inspired by an interview with ‘Dune’ director Dennis Villeneuve in which he speaks passionately about the making of the film and its vital role in communicating the main story. “, explains Jamiel. The music for my piece is by Sonia Killmann, a brilliant saxophonist, composer and multimedia artist based in Glasgow. Our plan is to construct a dystopian landscape through sound and vision to create an inspired and empowering cinematic experience for audiences. This is also reflected in the futuristic architecture that surrounds the Lanterns Studio Theater in Canary Wharf.”

24 hours
Choreography: Anna Watkins
Music: Bawren Tavaziva and cellist/composer Zosia Jagodzinska
Design: Rhiannon Matthews

Anna Watkins created the deeply human 24HR which studies rising mental health issues from inside a therapy room. Drawing on shared experiences, Anna created a musical choreographic language to tell people’s stories to an original score by Bawren Tavaziva and cellist/composer Zosia Jagodzinska.

Anna says: “My piece is partly inspired by my personal experience and I have created a sign language that combines the physical and the emotional to express a bigger message that I hope will resonate with the audience.

“I am also intrigued by the rhythm created by Welsh when spoken while moving; I have incorporated Welsh text into the soundtrack which is spoken by company dancer Luke Bafico.”

Choreography: Marcus Jarrel Willis
Music: Schubert | J.S. Bach

And Jordan O’Jordan, American banjo player and composer

Design: Rhiannon Matthews

Marcus Jarrell Willis, resident choreographer at Ballet Cymru, former Rambert and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater choreography scholarship holder (2008-16), will transport the audience to a lively evening among friends and acquaintances who regularly meet at the same pub…

Marcus says: “In High Jinks, a group of people come to the same pub every day. Although they have become friends in the pub setting and generally enjoy each other’s company, they don’t socialize outside of the setting. from the pub. I’m very invested in community involvement, as is Rubicon; I hope the Lantern audience will take a moment, sit down and see themselves on stage and enjoy the show.”

RUBICON DANCE is a social arts organization that encourages everyone to participate in and enjoy dance. Established in 1975, Rubicon has a wide footprint across Wales with one of the largest participatory dance programs in the UK, a renowned talent development program and a longstanding commitment to developing and supporting the dance workforce.

The Rubicon Dance Company was founded in 2021 in response to the devastating effects of the pandemic on talented dancers in Wales and to provide them with employment.

According to Rubicon Dance CEO and Artistic Director Kathryn Williams:

“Rubicon Dance Company brings together 8 of the most exciting dancers in Wales and will satisfy the huge appetite for high quality dance that the public feels invited to see. I am also delighted that we are working with three very talented choreographers; I think Lantern audiences will love our TRIPLE BILL!

“Rubicon Dance is the oldest dance organization in Wales and we have built a strong and nationally recognized reputation for our ability to reach those who may feel the arts are not for them. One of 69 organizations funded by income from the Arts Council of Wales, Rubicon’s creative output is widely recognized for its quality and our ability to resonate with our target audiences.”