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The Renaissance Is Now, Accutron Podcast featuring Kamilah Forbes, Executive Producer of Harlem’s Apollo Theater

Accutron kicks off another conversational chapter with the renewal of The Accutron View podcast with special guest, Kamilah Forbes, executive producer of the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY.

Reaching #42 on Apple Podcasts in the “Society & Culture” category in the United States, The Accutron Show continues its exploration of American consumer culture with an exceptional cast of influential guests.

The Accutron Show is the first full-fledged podcast from a watch brand and is a series of approximately 30-minute conversations about American culture, its evolution and expressions over time.

The entertaining and in-depth talks explore the history, current progression, and predictions of American culture in society, entertainment, products, and lifestyle.

Back with hosts Entertainment Reporter Bill McCuddy, journalist David Graver (Cool Hunting, New York Times, Vogue) and editor Scott Alexander (GQ, Playboy), the show will cross paths with successful personalities and brands while exploring current social, economic and cultural topics. Notable past guests include Neil deGrasse Tyson, Isaac Mizrahi, Katie Couric, Daniel Boulud, Carol Alt and many more.

The third season of The Accutron Show kicks off with special guest Kamilah Forbes, executive producer of the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem. Kamilah Forbes is an American curator, producer and director. She created and directed the Hip Hop Theater Festival from 2000 to 2016. She has held directing roles for television and theater productions such as Holler if you hear me, The Wiz live!and the 2014 revival of Lorraine Hansberry’s A raisin in the sun. Forbes was named executive producer of the Apollo Theater in 2016.

“The Accutron Show continues to forge new conversations with high-profile guests who are truly making a difference in continuing the spirit of innovation and American tradition.” says Jeffrey Cohen, president of Citizen Watch America.

The Accutron Show The podcast is available on all major digital streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and Stitcher with a new episode released once a month and a special anniversary episode airing in October.

Kamilah Forbes

Executive producer of the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem. Kamilah Forbes is an American curator, producer and director. For 15 years she worked as founding director, producer and co-founder of the HiARTS/Hip Hop Theater Festival. She has held leadership positions in the non-profit and commercial arenas, developing presentations engaging artists around the world. Throughout his career, Forbes has also spearheaded innovative audience engagement initiatives using traditional and digital platforms, engaging large audiences with creative works across all disciplines.

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Delivering the world’s first fully electronic watch in 1960, Accutron changed the way the world told time with the most accurate timekeeping mechanism ever created and the first advancement in personal timekeeping seen in 300 years.

Reigning over the watch world for more than a decade, its fundamental technology later became an integral part of the US space program and the Accutron logo became a consumer symbol of timekeeping precision.

Sixty years later, Accutron returns and brings the same desire for technological advancement and design with the very first watches powered by electrostatic energy as well as the reimagining of the brand’s most emblematic historical watches.

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