Musical producer

The film producer spreads wings to music

LOCAL theater producer Leonard Chibhamu extended his artistic skills to music by releasing Zvigaré Zvakadaroa nine-track gospel album.

Chibhamu said the recently released album is mostly made up of songs from the Anglican Church Hymnbook.

“I looked for hymns that had a deeper meaning about creation and life beyond. The album emphasizes that life is all about vanity. Like any other devout Christian, I find more conviction in being of service to the Lord,” he said.

“In 2021, I felt intimate with the Lord and had a lot of introspection on the purpose of life and finding meaning in such circumstances.

“I realized that I had to do something beyond my current life.”

What he experienced while working on the film Village Secrets also motivated him to release the album.

“I have met and conversed mainly with older people and noticed that most of them lead lonely lives and really need messages that give hope and strength. Most older people are either widows, or people of their generation have left, so they need more comforting messages,” he noted.

Chibhamu is hoping for a positive reception for the album.

“It was a difficult decision to consider venturing into music, I thought there were better people than me to do it and sometimes I tried to help others, but I realized that I had to take it head on. I am confident that my songs will inspire generations and I hope the message steals many hearts.

“I hope fans will be inspired by the album’s message of faith,” he added.

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