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The award-winning film producer and production company has a strong 2021 – 2022 Nathan Taupez Scinto

MIAMI, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nathan Taupez Scinto, award-winning producer and founder of Think Global Media dba Global Filmz, has called Manhattan, NY.

In the spring of 2021, Nathan opened Global Filmz Studios, his first video production workshop in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He also established the New York City Branch during this period.

the Global Movies The headquarters is located in the World Trade Center and employs over 20 New York-based filmmakers. Nathan plans to open another production studio in Brooklyn NY this year and as the Fort Lauderdale studio, the Brooklyn studio will be a hands-free/voice-activated smart studio, complete with free-standing film sets, programmable lighting and top-of-the-line equipment.

Along with managing the backend of a video production service, business, and studio, Nathan has his own shooting schedule to keep up with. His days are certainly not all spent behind a desk. He is on site to produce projects and there are often many trips to make.

Nathan spent February 2022 filming in Flatbush Brooklyn and Vegasfilming a full-length documentary about the boxing champion’s day and life Chris Colbert.

Despite the change of address, the miami branch also occupies the producer of documentary films. In January 2022, Nathan signed on to produce a reality TV series which will be based in Miami, Florida and is expected to debut in the winter of 2022.

The video production company ended last year strong, closing December 2021 with the production of a Food Travel Show currently being negotiated for distribution by the main streaming platforms.

The company was also able to “crown” 2021 by launching its film production logistics department; which provides on-the-ground logistical support to international filmmakers coming to the region for video productions. The service offers international filmmakers production support with our local film crews/fixers to manage pre-pro and/or on-location production logistics.

Since quarantine, Think Global Media (dba Global Filmz) has been offering Advance customers Live video production services. CEO Nathan Taupez Scinto realized early on how crucial online communications would become for everyone. Since then, Global Filmz has broadcast everything live, from offshore boat races, awards shows, music concerts, various sporting events, seminars and more.

In 2020, Nathan Scinto was the executive producer of “The System” television series which he produced during the 2020-21 BLM movement. The reality series “explores the burgeoning ‘American Spring,’ where young people and disadvantaged communities have begun to revolt against biases.

It’s hard to believe, what started as a one-man operation in South Florida is today this major creative enterprise.

Nathan Taupez Scinto established his original production team in 2015. Then, a year later, Think Global Media (dba Global Filmz) was officially founded. In 2017, the producer was able to open the Brickell Miami office.

Nathan is now able to dedicate more time to working on feature-length documentary projects, which he is truly passionate about. Last year was full of “victories” for Nathan as a film producer. He has spent a significant part of 2021-22 winning awards for his work.

Producer Awards:
London Film Awards
Best Feature Documentary 2022

Parisian Cinema Prize
Best Feature Documentary 2022

Hollywood Gold Awards
Best Full Documentary of 2022

Rome International Film Awards
Best Full Documentary of 2021
Best short film 2021

Cannes World Film Festival 2021
Finalist for Best Feature Documentary
Best Social Justice Short Film

Paris film festival
Best Full Documentary of 2021

Auber International Film Festival, Paris, France.
2021 Best Documentary Feature

Rome International Film Festival
Best Full Documentary of 2021
Best Dramatic Short Film 2021

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