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The artisanal brand Sotol Cardenxe is now available online

Launching this spring, Cardenxe is a handcrafted, small-batch sotol brand on a mission to bring back the ancient Mexican spirit and inspire a deep emotional connection for drinkers. This premium entry into the Mexican spirits category celebrates Sotol’s rich heritage and launches with two terroir-inspired hero varietals, Sotol De La Sierra and Sotol De Desierto, which have already received Gold and Silver medals respectively at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022.

Cardenxe is named after Canto Cardenche, an ancient and nearly extinct musical genre originating in northern Mexico centered on themes of love and grief, sung to “release deep emotions”. In turn, the music takes its name from the cardenche cactus, known locally as the “Cactus of Love”, a beautiful but territorial succulent that grows around sotol plants (Dasylirion Asparagaceae), protecting them and allowing them to mature. and fill with nectar. which is distilled in the mind.

“Our mission is to elevate two very unique Mexican traditions that are in danger of disappearing – that of sotol and Canto Cardenche. We set out to create a brand of sotol that sparks a movement, inspired by the message of love and beauty that cardencheros like to sing,” says co-founder Luigi Ambrosi.

Strongly linked to art and culture, the art that adorns the bottles is designed in the avant-garde Mexican style: Estridentismo, a movement born in the 1950s to challenge the standardization of the imagination.

What is sotol? Sotol is an ancient Mexican spirit that has been distilled for over three centuries in the northern regions of Mexico from Chihuahua, and has almost disappeared in history. It was once a popular choice, smuggled into the United States during Prohibition along with whiskey. Unlike tequila or mezcal which are distilled from agave, sotol comes from dasylirion, a plant native to Mexico from the Asparagaceae family. A friendlier spirit, the palate is more complex and aromatic than tequila, and has a more subtle smoke than mezcal.

Tasting notes. Dasylirion grows in different parts of Mexico, and the land, terrain, and climate of the country give each small batch variety its distinct flavor profiles. Sotol De Desierto is inspired by the desert and has fragrant minerals, earthy notes of sweet cocoa and a lingering vegetal aftertaste. Sotol De La Sierra comes from the rustic outpost of Madera with subtle notes of eucalyptus, moss and nuts – the flavor is both herbaceous and floral, imparted by the lush mountain forest terroir.

Cardenxe is available starting May 2 online and in select New York stores. Cardenxe Sotol De La Sierra, Mexico 40% Alc/Vol with a suggested retail price of $90, and Cardenxe Sotol De Desierto, Mexico 45% Alc/Vol with a suggested retail price of $60. Importer: Park Street Imports.

About Cardenx

At the intersection of music and art, Cardenxe Sotol is an award-winning brand of handcrafted small-batch sotols. Sotol is an ancient Mexican spirit with a rich history and is distilled from the dasylirion plant. The palate is more complex and aromatic than tequila and has a more subtle smoke than mezcal, making for a friendlier spirit. Cardenxe sotol is inspired by terroir, with flavor profiles derived from different landscapes in northern Mexico.

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