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Tendai releases a brand new single, Pressure

Although he has only released three singles to date – his acclaimed debut “Not around”the equally acclaimed sequel “Infinite Straight” and its evocative soundtrack inspired by the garage of London life “Lately”, – 22-year-old musical polymath I was tending has already left an indelible mark on the UK music scene.

Today he released a new single “Pressure” via 0207 Def Jam. His most R&B-oriented song to date, and created alongside his producer “Blakey”, is another example of tendai’s ability to deftly move between genres while operating within a sonic framework that is unmistakably his own. Spiritual, vulnerable but reflecting the harshness of inner city London, it is a sound that has made him one of the most vital new voices in British music.

Speaking of the track, Tendai says, “Pressure” is me and Blake playing with different tones of the r&b music we know and love. really trying to push the boundaries of textures and sensations that can be felt in this kind of genre.

“Pressure” comes with visuals from Ethan & Tom, who have previously collaborated with tendai on his “Infinite Straight” and “Lately” videos, alongside acclaimed work for Flohio, BERWYN, Ethan P. Flynn and Wu- Read. You can check it below.

Tendai has already received critical acclaim. DIZZY magazine said, “Tendai takes no prisoners. From the outset, the 21-year-old announced himself as an artist free from genre boundaries, expectations and everything you thought you knew about British music,” while The Observer suggested, “Blues, rap, pop and soul collide, explode and recombine on the young producer’s mesmerizing second single.”

Somewhere else, Shock magazine said that tendai was “An artist whose work – and remember, his debut single ‘Not Around’ was released just a few months ago – stands out from his peers, he seems able to recontextualize classic elements in a dazzlingly modern setting”, while The fade suggested that “Tendai, a 21-year-old Londoner, creates emotionally intense modern soul music where melody and sentiment jostle for center stage.”

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