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Telugu film producer Bellamkonda Suresh denies cheating allegations

Suresh said they will fight a legal battle against Kumar. He claimed there was no truth to the allegation that he and his son took 8.5 million rupees from Kumar to make a movie. “He didn’t even give us a rupee. Let him produce proof that we took money from him,” he said.

Stating that the complainant was from their village, Suresh said he used to phone her for movie tickets. Claiming that he used to talk to the local distributor and book tickets for him every week, Suresh said such a man is now making allegations against them.

The producer said the man was jealous of their success and deliberately dragged his son’s name as he was just settling into his career. “The allegations are intended to tarnish my son’s image. If he cannot prove that we took Rs85 lakh from him, we will sue for defamation and also take criminal action against him,” he said.

Suresh also alleged that there was a political leader behind Kumar. He said he would soon reveal the name of the political leader along with the evidence.

Suresh said he still has not received any notice from the court or the police regarding the case filed by Kumar. He promised to cooperate fully with the police in the investigation.

A cheating case was brought against Suresh on Friday under instruction from a city court.

Kumar had addressed the court complaining that the producer and his son had taken the money from him in installments in 2018 to make a movie. The petitioner alleged that the producer had promised to hire him as an assistant producer for a film to be made under the direction of Malineni Gopichand.

The financier informed the court that, believing their word, he had paid them the amount but that they had deceived him. The court had ordered the police to book a case against Suresh and Srinivas.

The CCS Police brought a case under Sections 406 (criminal breach of trust), 417, 420 (cheating) and 120 B (criminal association) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

As part of the investigation, the police asked the complainant to appear before the investigator with the relevant documents and to record his statement.