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Summer Staff Photo: July – WECB

Boys + Girls with Guitars by Guyville

We’ve all been there – rocking silently at a gig, enjoying the vibe, when suddenly we fall head over heels in love with a musician at first sight. We eagerly pursue our new love, spending the rest of the night trying to make eye contact with them, hoping they’ll notice us and return our affection. Los Angeles-based duo Guyville (AKA, Kat Hamilton and Emily Hulslander) are here to shatter your love dreams with their single “Boys + Girls w/ Guitars.” The two see past the facade of “musician mystique,” ​​lambasting any band member who dares try to woo them, fighting back with a host of witty insults layered over their cascading guitars. They rationalize their feelings by singing, “So what, you like the same song / By the same band, from 1990 / So what, that doesn’t mean love / It’s just a moment, it’s just a coincidence.” But even so, the two continue to wonder “what if” nonetheless; ending the track by admitting, “I will always do it again.” In just under four minutes, Guyville provides a delightfully amusing soundtrack for the heartbreak many face when dating a musician ends badly. So the next time you find yourself in love with a musician, listen to “Boys + Girls w/ Guitars” to bring yourself back down to earth.