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Students, staff and volunteers at Stratford High School take turns

Students, staff and volunteers from Stratford High School took turns on Saturday.

Students, staff and volunteers from Stratford High School took turns on Saturday.

They walked, played lawn games and even did aerobics in support of the Taranaki Cancer Society.

This year Relay For Life went differently due to the Covid-19 red light setting.

An alternative, Relay Your Way, ran instead so participants could still fundraise for the society and choose what activities they did and where.

The 25-person school team raised $13,028.50, making them the top team in Taranaki.

Professor Mel Visser says it’s a superb effort.

“We are very proud of the children. They have a positive attitude and went out there and raised funds despite the challenges of Covid-19. The students, staff and volunteers have incredible spirit.”

She says sponsorship from ANZCO Foods and New World Stratford enabled the students to feed themselves so they could take turns from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“When night came, the students could see that Interdril and Outdoor Power and Hire gave us lights to use. We are very grateful to all our sponsors who helped us support a good cause.”

Mel says the school wanted to hold their event as close to the traditional Relay For Life event as possible.

“We have students marching to music, playing different games on the lawn and they even watched a movie. We had the survivors walk, a candlelight and a closing ceremony and we even ate cake. It was about giving these amazing kids a similar experience.”

Daniel Steiller, committee member of the Taranaki Cancer Society, was present that day.

“We are very proud of the students. This is the team that raised the most. They always support us. They have been involved in Relay For Life for several years and the fact that they have organized a miniature Relay For Life is impressive.

“All students, staff and volunteers should be proud of their efforts.”