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‘Stop using Sidharth Shukla’: Angry fans slam producer for posting late actor’s clip without family’s consent

Sidharth Shukla fans are upset with the producers of the song ‘Jeena Zaroori Hai’ which features the late actor with Bigg Boss contestant Vishal Kotian and actress Deepika Tripathy. They took to Twitter to share that the song was posted without the consent of Sidharth’s family and that the creators are using his name to garner more views.

Sharing the family’s official statement posted on the matter earlier, one fan wrote, “This was a clear indication of a special request related to this song…who can know better @sidharth_shukla’s choices than his older beautiful family and loved ones…go against him, I’m against you..RESPECT SIDHARTH’S CHOICES…STOP USING SIDHARTH SHUKLA #SidharthShukla.”

Another wrote, “Shame on everyone involved in this MV. Y’all had TIME to do more projects and benefit from them. Yet you chose this path because #SidharthShukla Ka Naam Nahi Use Karoge Toh Footage Kaise Milegi. Haina? STOP USING SIDHARTH SHUKLA.”

For the uninitiated, the music video was the last work Sidharth had shot before his death in September last year. Vishal Kotian told ETimes TV exclusively in his pre-Bigg Boss 15 interview.

He had said, “No one knows Sidharth Shukla’s latest project was with me in Odisha, a Hindi music video. Shadab Shabri is the vocalist. The irony of the song is titled ‘Jeena Zaruri Hai Kya’. In the song, Sidharth and I are brothers. If Sidharth had been alive, we probably would have released this song on Bigg Boss 15.”

He added, “The song is about two brothers in love with the same girl, just like the movie Saajan.”

However, a source later told ETimes TV that Sidharth left the project unfinished as he was unhappy with the filming and asked the creators not to release it.

Sidharth’s family had specially released an official statement in which they specifically mentioned: “We ask that anyone wishing to use Sidharth’s name and/or face in any project, please contact us. Please take a moment to ask us.”

He further said, “If there were any projects he wasn’t happy with, we’re sure he wouldn’t want them released. Anything that wasn’t released when he was with we did not have its content or intent for publication.”