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Stellar Quines Theater Company launches campaign against sexual harassment

A SCOTTISH theater company has launched a new campaign to tackle sexual harassment in the performing arts sector.

The Stellar Quines Theater Company project – which is backed by the Federation of Scottish Theater (FST) – aims to raise awareness of sexual harassment within the Scottish theater community and help people to ‘recognise it and stand up against it’ “.

Campaign materials created by Lisa Sangster, a former theater designer and sexual violence support worker, will provide information and guidance around harassment and workplace support.

A poster has also been created for anyone working in the performing arts to download and display in theaters and rehearsal rooms to support the campaign.

These will be supported by a series of four videos posted on social media throughout the year, which Stella Quines encourages people to share with the hashtag #ArtsAgainstHarassment.

Artistic Director and Managing Director of Stellar Quines, Caitlin Skinner said: “Our vision is a Scottish theater sector free from sexual harassment.

“The industry is beginning to accept that it is not exempt from this behavior which is unfortunately present in many, if not all, other professions. If you’re being bullied, we want you to get the support you deserve.

“When creating the campaign, we worked with focus groups of people in the theater industry and it was clear that the paths forward were not obvious. This campaign is our contribution to the collective effort to ensure safer creative environments for all.

Sangster said: “Having completed my masters thesis on Sexual Harassment in Scottish Theater in 2019, I wanted to find a way to share and implement the recommendations I had made in this.

“Stellar Quines invited me to host an open space session in February 2020 at one of their Hack the Patriarchy events and the idea to run an awareness campaign came from there.

“I hope this will make bullied people feel less alone.”

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