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Stars of Tomorrow 2022: George Jaques (writer/director/producer/actor) | Features

Londoner George Jaques is an impressive quadruple threat as a writer, director, producer and actor.

He is about to complete a four-week shoot for his directorial debut. Black Dog, following two teenagers trying to cope with grief and loss on a road trip north of the capital. It is inspired by Jaques’ own feelings of “alienation” when his friends all went to college and he found himself “sweeping hair in a barbershop”.

Executive producer David Parfitt has been “a supportive godfather” for the project, Jaques says. “He’s such a sounding board to me, and he’s so nice – what I’ve always tried to do with everything I’ve done is just be nice.”

After co-writing the script with fellow 2022 Star of Tomorrow and lead actor Jamie Flatters, the duo are producing through Jaques’ Athenaeum Productions. He set up the company at the age of 16 (he is now 22) for stage shows Expand and To breathe, produced with young London actors. “I started the business as a means of expression for young people,” explains Jaques. “We were all under 18 and we were all in.” Since then, he has made five short films, three of which (Crack, Tuesday and little dancer) it shot in a week in 2020.

That year, Jaques also made his acting breakthrough, as a co-lead opposite Jude Law on the HBO/Marc Munden single-camera live show 12 Hours. The third day: autumn, from Punchdrunk theater producers. Jaques was kidnapped, chased across fields, walked on a beach in his underwear and a crown of thorns, and dug his own grave for two hours. “There was no ‘acting’ required,” he said. “I don’t think I would necessarily do something as hard as that.”

Upcoming on-screen credits include Lionsgate’s The Serpent Queen as King Francis II of France; and those of Sky A town called Malice with Martha Plimpton, Dougray Scott and Jason Flemyng, the latter another Jaques mentor who produced or produced many of his shorts.

Jaques has also written a screenplay for his next feature, based on “the essence of the Peter Pan story”; and write a show with Hit the pony’s Sally Phillips. “I’m grateful that people want me to work with them on their business now.”

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