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Staging for the Illyria Theater Company’s Anniversary Celebration at Lytham Hall

Illyria, which has gained international recognition for its performances over the years, will present three of the five shows staged this summer outdoors at Lytham Hall.

The company has become a regular visitor to the hall grounds on its tours since the start of the play seasons 12 years ago.

This year, to illustrate its versatility, the company is presenting a trio of productions that have already delighted audiences: JM Barrie’s Peter Pan, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Pirates of Penzance.

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A previous performance by the Illyria Theater Company at Lytham Hall

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Lytham Hall is gearing up for another great season of outdoor games

Lytham is one of around 180 outdoor venues hosting Illyria’s shows this summer and this summer they will be presented on August 12, 14 and 21 respectively.

“We’ve delighted over a million viewers throughout our history,” said Illyria Artistic Director Oliver Gray. “To mark the occasion, we are relaunching three of our most beloved productions. Illyria’s spectacle is a feast for the eyes, ears and brain. Always five stars.”

“We’ve been through austerity and a pandemic so I’m sure we’ll be visiting Lytham Hall for many years to come,” added Oliver.