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Staff AI Engineer leaves Google to launch Web3 Content Delivery Protocol

BOSTON, February 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, SHAPELESS, Inc. announced that conservative brandon, resigned from his role as Technical Lead on Google AI’s Natural Language Accelerated team and now operates full-time as Founder and CEO of FORMLESS. Tory and the FORMLESS team launch a decentralized distribution protocol and platform that changes the way digital content, like music, is owned, distributed and monetized.

Tory, who is also a signed artist, was inspired to make the transition after years of first-hand experience at the intersection of the tech and music industries.

According to Tory, “The problem with the relationship between technology and music is that technology providers have always established the terms of access to a song. At each stage of progression, this model has crushed the creators – eliminating all control on pricing, and the ability to connect directly with consumers.”

The solution Tory invented is a paradigm called “access inversion,” because the requirements for accessing content, including cost, are established by the creator, not the platform. Tory’s team is building the associated protocol and application, called SHARE, based on reverse access that completely eliminates reliance on centralized streaming platforms. Instead, by leveraging smart contracts, each piece of content encapsulates its own access policy implementation, independent of the application used to experience it.

“We are introducing a technological breakthrough that disrupts distribution by redefining digital content, not as static information, but as a dynamic, self-sustaining source machine. By broadening the definition and reimagining distribution using paid peer-to-peer micro-transactions on the blockchain, any streaming platform can instantly authenticate to access digital content, execute instant micro-payment based on terms specified by the creator, and deliver the experience to consumers,” says Tory.

The SHARE protocol and beta application are expected to be generally available in the second quarter of this year. Organizations and artists are encouraged to request early access.

Read the SHARE white paper and request early access here.

About FORMLESS, Inc.

FORMLESS is a Boston, MA music technology company headquartered on a mission to create virtual and physical experiences that empower people to live more fulfilling lives. FORMLESS was founded in 2018 by conservative brandon, a signed artist, former staff engineer at Google AI and former principal engineer at Apple. Tory’s story of pursuing his dreams as a musician and engineer side by side is featured in national media which includes: Forbes, CNN Big Big Story, CNBCand Yahoo finance.

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