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Squash: “I am not a producer of violence”

Dancehall artist Squash says he’s not a producer of violence but rather “a jolly, fun person who doesn’t like sadness”.

The Salt Spring native was speaking in South Florida with Onstage’s Winford Williams about why he emigrated and the future of his 6ixx camp.

“You see me now, I’m not a violent man, people over there might see the boss of 6ixx and have me as violent, but I’m a jovial person, me loving and kind, fun, I like the happiness, me not like sadness,” he told Williams.

Squash expressed his love for Jamaica but spoke of his discomfort with “the system” and what he describes as “corruption” within those around him as contributing factors to leaving the island.

“Mi cyah tek the maintenance in Jamaica and corruption in my small circle, Jamaica petit mal enuh, the big world and Jamaica have too much corruption in a small environment and mi cyah takes care of it,” he said. Explain.

“Me, I’m not a producer of violence uh Winford, a lonely love I preach to all the youth, Salt Spring to my place, I love all young people, I love everyone the same way. Mi nuh preaches violence, young people can tell you that, I never tell a young person to go and shoot such and such a person,” he insisted.

Winford asked whether or not the deejay would sue the government for detaining him for several months in 2018, and pointed to the case of Roshaine Clarke who won $17 million in damages from the government, after being detained in wrong without charge in the state of emergency. imposed in 2018.

The 30-year-old replied: “no I’m not suing anyone, I’m done with that, well done Andrew Holness and Delroy Chuck, that’s behind me.”

Squash maintains that his focus is on music production and his 6ixx family, though he obviously didn’t praise Chronic Law, who has been an active member of the 6ixx camp.

The Montegonian on July 4th released the track Footwith corresponding visuals via his YouTube channel as a collaborative production with World Team Production and 6ix Real Records.

Watch the full interview below.