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On Saturday July 23 and Sunday July 24, the most watched Nigerian reality show, Big Brother Naija will kick off for a seventh edition. The show would get fascinated Nigerians talking again and produce the next coterie of superstars before they were cast aside for another group of reality stars and then the cycle would continue.
While the reality show has given former contestants the unique opportunity to see beautiful cities around the world and travel beyond the shores of Nigeria, more often than not, once the buzz dies down, they are left to their own devices and rediscover their steps.
If a future reality TV star walks into the house without a proper plan for themselves once the show is over, they would be back to square one.
The care and treatment at Big Brother’s House lasts only two to three months and then the reality show’s media team takes care of their image and publicity for the next calendar year before they are cleared. to dip their toes in the sea immediately after this season’s reunion show comes to a close.
Once back to reality, they must start fighting for endorsement deals, create a more resourceful career path, and become a person of value, which was their original goal before heading to Big Brother’s House. . However, they get lost in the excitement of being talked about for several weeks and then disappear into obscurity.
It’s barely been a year since WhiteMoney came out on top at the 2021 edition of Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eyes, even though his music career has yet to take off. Life outside the ‘kitchen’ is a different reality, when the fans aren’t watching, it’s expensive to carve out a career.
Additionally, she has continued to stay relevant on social media due to her value. If she was able to evolve, she would reach her greatest potential.
Meanwhile, housemates such as JayPaul, Arin, Tega Dominic, Beatrice, Adeniyi Lawai, to name a few, have been unable to carve out a place for themselves. In fact, they fell apart before the show was over. Also, they had no scripts during the recently concluded BBNaija show Shine Ya Eyes; collectively, the show was weak.
This is why you don’t enter the Big Brother contest with a “dream”, most of the time it ends up being a “chimera”. Winner of the BBNaija Lockdown 2020 edition, Laycon showed the world what he was made of with his content and strategy.
No one saw him coming, he launched a gauntlet attack on the Nigerians. Gave Nigerians and viewers around the world a mesmerizing show on TV and then his music projects did the magic outside the home.
In 2020, you couldn’t escape Laycon. He was all over the place and won the show by a nice margin. Potential housemates should learn from him, entering the contest means you’re building on a foundation you’ve already designed for yourself, your team and, most importantly, the brand.
Many reality TV stars enter the competition with a “vague dream”, to say the least abstract, then they are surprised when no one buys into their program or their scheme.
What potential roommates need to know?
On Saturday, July 23, Nigerians will be introduced to a new set of reality stars. The number of roommates has yet to be confirmed, however, by Sunday evening viewers would get familiar with the direction of the new sea