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Smoke two joints! Sublime, a reggae-punk band, launches a brand of marijuana

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Sublime, the legendary reggae-punk band from Long Beach, California, has announced that they will be launching their own brand of marijuana products.

The group formed in 1988 by Bradley Nowell, Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson, joins forces with The healing planta Costa Mesa-based licensed cannabis manufacturer.

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Like reported by AJ Harrington for Forbes, the brand highlights the medicinal and healing properties of the cannabis plant.

The brand is expected to launch in the spring. Where? At select Southern California dispensaries (including Sublime’s hometown, Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego, and the Inland Empire).

What are the members of Sublime saying about their cannabis brand?

In a press release, Gaugh, the drummer, celebrated, “Sublime has his own pot now! What else is there to say but ‘Light up!’ He added, “It’s time we smoked two joints,” referring to Smoke Two Joints, the band’s 1992 hit.

Scott Seine, band manager, said: “There are so many artist/cannabis matches but, for Sublime, we wanted to find a really creative collaboration with someone who really understands the deep musical and cultural meaning of the of Sublime (. ..) After four years of research, we are happy to have found this with Robert Taft, Jr. and The Healing Plant, whose mission to prioritize the healing and medicinal qualities of cannabis was of paramount importance to the band.

The Healing Plant has teamed up with a “front line geneticist”, to organize genetics with Sublime.

And, regarding cultivation and distribution, Taft of The Healing Plant, assured: “Cultivation will depend on selected farmers who can deliver consistent quality. We will manufacture and service all California products at our licensed facilities and be the sole distributor for Southern California, partnering with a licensed Northern California distributor for the second phase of the launch.