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“Slow Down, Breathe and Be in the Moment” at Ashford Tea Company’s Poet-Tea Event | cultural | Savannah News, Events, Restaurants, Music

On the third Friday of the month, Ashford Tea Company presents ‘Poet-Tea’, a monthly tea and art experience for mind and body.

The upcoming experience will take place on August 19 at 7 p.m. The monthly show is hosted by writer and poet Brandy Simpkins.

The monthly event features different artists, musicians, poets and authors. The show features strong performances and a well-established service.

Owner of Ashford Tea Co., Wayne Ashford wants people to slow down, breathe and be in the moment.

“I know people have a lot of choices in Savannah, but it really warms my heart that you all chose to spend your time on a Friday night with Ashford Tea Company,” Ashford, owner of Ashford Company, told The audience of the latest Poet-Tea event.

Ashford has over 30 years in the tea business and opened its tea room in 2018. At the event, guests will be able to sample local and exotic tea, accompanied by fresh tea sandwiches and vegan and gluten-free desserts locally made.

The 30 years of experience are evident in the layout of the tea room and the presentation at Poet-Tea.

There is an extensive display of teas and other items in the shop, including works of art.

Tables are set for 20 guests to enjoy an evening of poetry, music, networking and more.

Assisting in the experiment is Simpkins.

You are greeted by her and Ashford as you enter.

Simpkins, a freelance journalist and Savannah State graduate who studied English language and literature, met Ashford last November while she was working on a story about the teahouse. The two stayed in touch and developed a friendship over their mutual respect and love for poetry.

“We’re grateful to have everyone coming out. It’s still a new show, but we bring new art to this platform every time,” Simpkins said.

Simpkins, who goes by the nickname “Miss Brandywine” when performing and hosting, is from Savannah and hosts the shows with Ashford.

Simpkins was the featured performer in May and since then has continued to host tasks while helping produce the event.

After being welcomed, guests have the opportunity to chat with other people they know or meet someone new. During this time, customers can also examine the various teas available to taste. Once the tea is served, it’s time for the show to begin.

During the first two shows, there was an array of artists featured from both the stage side and the visual side. Musicians, lyricists, poets, authors and many more gathered for an evening of entertainment and enlightenment.

Margie Marie is the featured visual artist for the first series of shows. Margie Marie is originally from Savannah and has been painting and drawing since she was 6 years old. She produced a live painting which depicts Simpkins inside the Ashford Tea Room.

“The goal of this painting with Miss Brandywine is to capture the essence of Ashford Tea Company and give people a sense of the vibe we were looking for in the poetry series,” Margie Marie said.

Margie Marie also has artwork from her Ashford Tea series on display in the shop. The painting and artwork are up for auction. For some artists, it’s a great opportunity to exhibit their work and generate money.

Ashford Tea Company wants people to improve their minds and bodies and in addition to what they offer to help with this, they also connect with other local businesses that promote the same theme of mind wellness and of the body.

“Your dreams and passions cannot live without someone else’s dreams and passions. They cannot live on their own. We should share those dreams and passion with someone who does the same thing and that’s how our community grows and stays strong,” Ashford said.

Sharing dreams and passions is truly something Poet-Tea attendees will see as each artist brings their A-game and showcases the beauty of their dreams, passions, and craftsmanship through their work.

It shows in the presentation of the show from start to finish. Each artist displays their passion, but more importantly, it’s evidence of the time and hard work put into their craft as the audience listens, they digest incredible work and incredible food and teas.

Discover Poet-Tea on the third Friday of each month. Tickets are $20-$40 and RSVP only as seating is limited. Doors open at 7 p.m. and events start at 7:30 p.m. Find out and get tickets under the events page on