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Skull Session: Buckeye brand is strong with teens, Trey Sermon suddenly turns heads and Eli Apple frustrates Ja’Marr Chase

I still have a few days around these parts. Let’s make them count, cool?

Let’s start with this Very Good Tweet.

Word of the day: Adjourn.

THE BUCKEYE BRAND IS STRONG. There’s no way to tell — Ohio State has had a tough few weeks on the recruiting trail. But if you’re looking for some good news, it looks like the Buckeyes are still in favor with football’s teenagers.

As wild as it is, your football program is really only as good as the next generation of high school football players thinks it is. Consistently finding favor with teens is truly the most proven way to build a consistently dominant program.

Remember that the next time you’re worried about alternative uniforms or social media trends. If you ever feel like Buckeye football is getting too next-gen for you, it’s probably because they love winning at football.

It’s cool with me, because personally, I also like when the Buckeyes win at football.

TREY SERMON THINGS. Y’all remember when Trey Sermon woke up one day during the 2020 season and decided he was actually going to be the best running back in the country now?

It looks like he flipped that switch in training yesterday.

Sermon’s 2020 season was, without hyperbole, one of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen in sports. The dude couldn’t even eclipse 100 yards in a game, then all of a sudden he’s going full throttle into Marshon Lynch and breaking a running record held by a Heisman Trophy winner?

I hope he brings that same energy to the NFL because it’s just hilarious.

“HE’S PISSING ME, I’M NOT GOING TO LIE.” Eli Apple’s healing shift from a quiet, presumably shy guy in Ohio State to a Grade-A shit talker in the NFL is hilariously understated to me, but I love that it’s suddenly his reputation.

The funniest part is that Michael Thomas insists that Apple’s trashy talking game is absolutely elitist since their Ohio State days, but no one believed him because Eli likes, never talked .

Either way, I’m glad to see him finally embrace that natural villain role. Wide receivers are supposed to be cocky assholes and cornerbacks are supposed to be boring as hell. Pitting them against each other is a better powder keg than any pro wrestling script could write.

This is the way.

WEIGHTLOSS. Looks like we can go ahead and add Branden Bowen to the list of former offensive linemen who take on a completely different form as soon as they stop playing football.

It turns out that the secret to weight loss is simply to stop eating and build body mass like your financial well-being depended on it.

Unfortunately, I think it only works for a select few.

SONG OF THE DAY. “Scrawny” by Wallows.

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