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Singer Jay Singh talks about his brand new upcoming song which features a top influencer

While we might have enough music to go days without rehearsing one, the announcement of a new song always gives us butterflies. Is not it? Focusing on and working on his passion, Jay Singh made his incredible break into the music industry. After giving cosmic hits, the singer is gearing up for something exclusive.

Thanks to our sources, we have learned that Jay Singh will soon be making a comeback with a brand new song. Now, whether it’s a romantic song or a party song, we too are curious.

Hear it from Jay Singh himself: “I’m very excited about this song. It’s very close to my heart because I wrote the lyrics, which reflect events in my own life. This song is for anyone who believes in and fell in love with it. For the video, we collaborated with one of your favorite divas from social networks. According to the planned dates, we will tell you more about the song.

We know you can’t wait to hear more about Jay’s new music video. We are too eager to know more; after all, the singer is releasing new music after 11 months. Although Jay Singh frequently hits our entertainment fix by uploading his cover videos, this brand new hit is different!

One thing we all know for sure is that this talented singer is once again going to leave us in awe with his melodious tunes. Jay Singh spent years wishing for the dream life he has today. Since his teenage years, he wanted to be part of the musical world.

The harmonious voice of Jay Singh makes us hymn the song on repeat. His melodious songs and warm lyrics have set the mood at a myriad of restaurants, cafes and events. We hope that Jay will let us know about his next music video soon. Until then, keep listening to his previous songs.