Musical producer

Shoutoutyoung is the producer/artist making noise in the industry

Brian Nathaniel Young, 27, is Baltimore Maryland’s best when it comes to musical talent. Under his pseudonym, Shoutoutyoung, the self-taught producer and artist goes from regional fame to the path of international spotlight. Looking at the industry from the outside, he was inspired by culture influencers like producer Zaytoven, artists Future and Lil Wayne, and producer/artist Kanye West. Shoutoutyoung had a passion for music and seeing his industry favorites reach the level of fame they had achieved doing what they loved, he began to learn the ins and outs of the business and the art form.

Through diligent practice and learning, Shoutoutyoung taught himself the piano and developed his skills as an asset to his career. His music is all done in-house, self-produced by his hands to reflect the exact vision and sound he has in mind for his tracks. Fans have fallen in love with her melodic trap songs which create catchy songs about love and relatable experiences from her own life. Shoutoutyoung’s buzz continues to grow, spreading from state to state, increasing his impact on the industry. To date, he has collaborated with some of the biggest upcoming artists in various states as well as other talents from his hometown.

Shoutoutyoung’s career has the potential to leave its mark on hip-hop history. Each release adds to an already impressive catalog and his latest single, “Rewind” continues his track record of quality music. The song revolves around time and love, telling a story of what it would be like if given the chance to step back in time and do things with the one who holds your heart. It connects on a human level, where everyone can see themselves in the track.

Shoutoutyoung excels at creating songs that fans love. Join his movement and tap into his music.