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SHANNON’S RUN — Running company wishing to organize its first event in Orange – Orange Leader

3 Bros Running Company is working to host “Shannon’s Run” 5k/10k on May 14 in Orange.

“(Running) begins with Shannon Larson, our 49-year-old friend, brain cancer patient and rock music enthusiast,” said 3 Bros Running Company Race Director Mike Moss. “And brain cancer takes that away from him, so another way to honor him is running.

“Race is going to incorporate (rock music) with a music themed shirt and the metals are going to be rock inspired. He’s really passionate about music and we want to bring that out.

The management of 3 Bros Running Company includes, from left, Mike Moss, William Fermo and Jeremy Fermo.

According to the 3 Bros website, Larson has worked as a counselor, teacher, and vice principal in Southeast Texas, where he has lived his entire life.

Larson, first diagnosed in 2001, is currently in Grade 3.

Although 3 Bros Running Company is not a non-profit organization, a portion of the proceeds from the run will benefit the National Brain Tumor Society with the option to make an additional donation to the National Brain Tumor Society on the 3 Bros website. Bros Running Company.

“So far we’ve raised nearly $700,” said Jeremy Fermo of 3 Bros Running Company. “Even though we’re a for-profit business, we still do a lot of good – promote racing, promote education because that’s what Shannon told us to do.”

Organizers want Shannon Larson’s run to be a success so that it becomes an annual event.

The Shannon’s Run 5K will begin at 7:30 a.m. with a $35 race fee and a $3.03 entry fee. The Shannon’s Run 10K will begin at 7:30 a.m. with a $45 race fee and a $3.61 entry fee.

The course is not finalized yet.

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3 Bros, created in January, wants to grow its business while supporting the local community and economy.

“We want to bring big-city racing experiences to small towns in Texas,” said CEO William Fermo. “The way we want to do that is not just to get people to do our race, but we want them to do everything in the city afterwards.

“We strongly promote local businesses. We’re trying to work with local businesses in Orange to partner with us to do a kind of runcation.

Jeremy Fermo, who serves as chief marketing officer, said the company is focused on telling stories in the communities that host the races.

“We want to tell the story of Orange and show the businesses, highlight the restaurants, the tourist attractions, so that they are interested in coming to Orange and running our race,” he said. “We also tell the story of our company.

The race takes place in May as it is Brain Cancer Awareness Month. The upcoming event allows the organizers to present Larson with a gift during the event.

“We want to give him hope for the race,” said Jeremy Fermo. “He needs hope because right now the doctor said ‘there is nothing more we can do for you’.

3 Bros said that before the company was founded, they always operated as a group. While Jeremy and William Fermo are blood brothers, Mike Moss is not, but they are united as a family by their love of racing.