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SBI Life is reinventing the brand’s identity in line with the changing mindset of consumers; creates a new brand line, a logo

The brand new line ‘Apne Liye, Apno Ke Liye’ presents SBI Life’s attempt to allow individuals to explore their own “wants”, while securing the “needs” of loved ones.

The COVID pandemic has reshaped consumer attitudes towards buying insurance. From “security provider”, he became a “facilitator” to help achieve their aspirations and ensure the financial future of their family.

Responding to the changing mindset of consumers, SBI Life Insurance has redesigned its “brand identity”, expressing the core belief of the brand: “independence in thought”.

Ravindra Sharma, Head of Brand, Corporate Communications and CSR at SBI Life, said, “The SBI Life brand is about more than a reinvented identity or a TVC. Basically, it’s a whole belief system that we all live in. It is an experience our customers and stakeholders remember us for. Our extensive research, including countless conversations with consumers, business partners, employees and other stakeholders, pointed to a new, evolving India determined in an individualistic way. The consumer of this new India expects insurance to be a catalyst in the pursuit of individualistic ambitions, which goes far beyond the role of a simple financial tool.

“In aligning SBI Life’s brand journey with changing consumer attitudes in the new India, we have undertaken a strategic rebranding exercise. We envision the SBI Life brand to act as a “facilitator” allowing the consumer to follow their own individualistic aspirations, while simultaneously taking care of the needs of their loved ones. The core of the brand, ie “independence in thought”, is our anchor that guides all our actions, our behavior and our communication with our stakeholders. With the revamped SBI Life brand, we hope to meet the needs of our consumers and fuel the aspirations of the new India.

SBI Life has also changed its brand line to ‘Apne Liye, Apno Ke Liye’, which features his attempt to allow individuals to explore their own “wants”, while securing the “needs” of their loved ones. Previously, the brand line was “With us you are safe”.

Working closely with brand consultancy ‘Chlorophyll’, SBI Life also revamped the brand assets, combining the strong lineage of the parent brand’s identity with a modern ‘Life’ wordmark. The new brand symbolizes individualism and allows individuals to find a balance between their own desires and the needs of their families, which is perfectly in line with the life of today’s consumer. This revamped “brand identity” features vibrant colors and fonts, an inspiring brand line, and a bold “L” shaped brand device, which denotes both “Assurance Vie” and “Liberation”.

“The challenge felt like a four-way tightrope walk. Finding a single insight that could make the brand relevant to metro millennials, retain Tier II and III city loyalty, put distance between SBI Life and others, and finally, giving SBI Life Has A Separate Identity. We found it through the patience of the team,” added Kiran Khalap, co-founder of Chlorophyll.

To create a deep multisensory experience, a new sound brand identity was also imagined. The music logo (MOGO), which encapsulates modern and forward-looking sounds, was developed by BrandMusiq.

“In this transactional digital age, sonic branding adds an emotional dimension to a brand’s identity, creating a deeper connection with the target audience. SBI Life wanted to communicate their empathetic understanding of the customer’s life stage , while projecting ourselves as a modern and innovative brand. We created a warm and instantly hummable melody and embellished it with instrumentation that evoked the brand’s modern digital avatar,” said Rajeev Raja, Founder and Engineer of the sound, BrandMusiq.

In line with this new identity, SBI Life has also launched a digital video, showing how individuals embrace life in pursuit of their aspirations, without compromising family responsibilities.

The digital video, created by Mullen Lintas India, captures the emotions of a young man as he marries. The video takes us through the seven wishes he takes with his partner and another wish for himself – to retain his individual identity.

Garima Khandelwal, Creative Director at Mullen Lintas India, said, “The new brand philosophy of SBI Life,Karo Poore apne iraade, apno se kiye sabhi vaade‘, consists of realizing one’s dreams and passions, while keeping one’s promises to one’s loved ones, without losing oneself in favor of our responsibilities. We wanted to create a story that captures the essence of ‘vaade’ and ‘iraade’ through the eyes of an individual at a life stage of change, where one is ready to take the next step of life. ‘have a life partner or start a family.’

“The first story captures the beautiful moments of reflection in the mind of the protagonist, who swears to keep his individual dreams alive as he prepares to become a family man. SBI Life gives wings to those dreams and aspirations, both for the family as well as for the individual.

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