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Santa Clara County sues Rihanna’s lingerie brand over allegedly misleading recurring monthly fee

People who purchased Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty label bras and underwear were allegedly enrolled in a recurring monthly fee program without their knowledge, according to a lawsuit from the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office.

Pop star Rihanna is still on music hiatus (she’s teased on Instagram that a new album has been completed, even though it was a few years ago). However, she had many other occupations: she had a baby in mayshe had a fashion brand called Fenty that lasted a few years, still has a cosmetics brand called Fenty Beautyand a lingerie brand called Wild X Fenty.

But there may be unmentionables and dirty laundry now associated with the lingerie brand. The Bay Area News Group reports that the Santa County District Attorney’s Office has joins fraud lawsuit against Savage X Fentyalleging that customers signed up for a monthly VIP membership supplement without their knowledge and were repeatedly charged the monthly fee without knowing it.

The lawsuit stems from practices on the Savage X Fenty website. While Santa Clara County had a Savage X Fenty pop-up store in the Westfield Valley Fair mall in 2019, this lawsuit does not appear to be related to this temporary storefront. The lawsuit argues that online shoppers were offered a “VIP” price, and if they accepted that deal, they signed up for a recurring monthly fee without realizing it.

According to the lawsuit filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court, “When consumers purchased [Savage X Fenty’s] products on its website, [the company] automatically added an auto-repeating paid VIP membership to consumers’ shopping bags, resulting in repeated charges to consumers’ credit cards. »

The lawsuit itself is not new and was originally filed in 2020. As CNBC reported at the time, it was started by a consumer watchdog group. “CNBC reviewed the [Savage Fenty X] site and found that item prices defaulted to “VIP” prices, with no option to purchase at a “normal” price,” the network reported. “When navigating to the shopping cart, if an item had been added, a ‘Savage X Monthly Membership’ was also added automatically, without changing the price. this would incur a monthly fee of $49.95, or by reading a description to the right of the payment options.”

There are five California counties named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, and Santa Cruz County is another. The trial comes later stricter regulations regarding the practice of automatic subscription fees in e-commerce went into effect in California in July. Savage Fenty X is being asked to reimburse any additional membership fees and may be required to pay $2,500 for each individual violation of the California Business and Professions Code.

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Image: @rihanna by Twitter