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SAN ROMAN shares brand new single “Messy”

SAN ROMAN, the solo music project of multidisciplinary artist Alexa San Román, shares their brand new single, “Messy”. The song is the title track from her upcoming debut album, which is slated for release later this year.

Written by Alexa herself, “Messy” is a nostalgic pop/rock anthem that reflects on the mess our lives can sometimes be and that while it may seem frustrating and you’ll never get out of that mess, you just have to move on. on the other side.

SAN ROMAN also shares the accompanying self-directed and self-edited video for the track, which is now premiering on The Honey Pop. Viewers are taken through the halls of her childhood home as she provides the backing instrumentals for the track, only reinforcing the DIY approach to Alexa’s new solo project.

About the song, Alexa says, “The title track from my upcoming album, ‘Messy’ is about running in place. That feeling when you’re trying to hit something underwater and the moment of slight fun when things go so bad you can’t help but laugh. It’s finding the motivation to nonetheless get out of bed and wade through the metaphorical mess. “When my world came crashing down around me, I caught fire but it’ll be fine.”

“Messy” follows her debut single, “Stay Where You Are,” a hard-hitting alt/rock song about people who don’t want to work to change their bad habits and blame everyone else in the process.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in New York, Alexa began her musical career in 2005 when she received her first guitar as a Christmas present. Growing up in Long Island, NY, his first steps in music were through the hardcore scene, earning his first guitar role at age 16 in local favorite Love, Robot.

Shortly after the band realized their vocal talents were being overlooked, she was promoted to vocalist and the band went on to enjoy another 10 successful years with her at the helm, eventually breaking into the coveted Warped Tour stage and winning. fans all over the world. .

It was during this time that she began honing her visual skills, filming music videos for her own band, and eventually making others. To this day, alongside her musical endeavours, she is in high demand as a director and has toured for Journeys, D’Addario, Hopeless Records, Fearless Records and countless independent artists.

After laying the groundwork for their future in music and growing up alongside Love, Robot, the band disbanded and thus spawned their second project, alternative rock duo Heirsound. Here she would continue with her signature brand of music – strong yet melodic guitars and thoughtful emotional lyricism and find success and a fan base that to this day still consumes their music. After three successful EPs, the duo released a public farewell statement and parted ways.

After a five-year hiatus from music since Heirsound disbanded, Alexa San Román is back in earnest, adapting her last name as the name of her new project and moving forward with only one teammate, herself. SAN ROMAN is the culmination of years of musical experience and at the same time a new beginning for the singer. Citing the loss and pain of watching time pass as one of his main inspirations, his latest record is a journal entry read, aloud. San Román’s most recent adventure is the arrival of an artist who is finally ready to be independent.

Listen to the new single here: