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San Francisco global artist Jayce has released a brand new track ‘Bano-Cover’ filled with groovy beats

The promising talent and Jayce, global artist from San Francisco released a brand new single ‘Bano- Blanket’ which retains the retro aesthetic of Iranian folk music.

The ancient folk songs carry the theme of everyday lifestyles of societies and people which are extremely expressive about feelings followed by contemporary musical arrangements. Jayce released a brand new track, Bano Blanketit is a cover of the old song of the same name which is an old Iranian folk song. The artist has added a modern touch to the track which makes it even more captivating.

The song, Bano Blanketfollows a theme of melancholy where the story has a protagonist who has just lost the love of his life. The lyrics are extremely expressive and bring new hope as the story unfolds in a way where the heartbroken man recounts his love, which he has just lost, only to learn to love again, which is ideally complemented by the beautiful voice. The voices are lowered so as not to dominate the beautiful arrangement of the piece.

The production of the track is done in such a unique way that it is a fusion between old contemporary folk music and modernity. The San Francisco World Artist showed exceptional talent and caliber in creating this track. He produced the track and mixed in such a mix of old and new that captures the true essence of ancient Iranian folk music and the addition of the modern beats introduces a new twist that elevates the whole experience. Audiences have had nothing but praise since its release, proving their enjoyable experience with this cover.

Not just the composition and arrangement, the artist, Jayce also sang vocals in this track. He sang five different octaves between the lead vocal and the background to add that extra element that makes the cover even more impressive. The cover is available on Soundcloud under the label GilehMusic.

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