Musical producer

Samantha XO, Music Producer and DJ from Western Kentucky

Samantha XO, originally known as Samantha Heart, is a Western DJ, producer and artist
Kentucky. She grew up in the tri-state area on the Ohio River where Cincinnati, Ohio; Kentucky;
and Indiana meet.
She started having the idea of ​​making her own music in 2020. In 2021, Samantha XO started to
learn to produce music. Before that, she had been a DJ spinning other people’s music for
six years, but it was time to create his own.
Samantha’s sound is a blend of classic vocals and rhythms with a modern twist. Her favorite
the producers are Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold and John Summit.
She is currently working on an EDM remix of Latto’s “Big Energy”. The original lyrics of the song are
about female empowerment, which inspired Samantha to do her version – and a
that she plans to come out soon.
She works closely with her production team – just herself and her co-producer, manager and
fiancé, Michael Venezuela – to ensure that every sound is top notch.
Samantha’s unique musical approach has earned her several accolades. She was classified
in the top 100 DJs in the world by DJane Top 100 Magazine, but that’s not all. Samantha has
was also voted the sexiest DJ in Florida and recently in the United States
If you’re looking for upbeat music with an undeniable groove and soulful energy, then
Samantha XO is your daughter!