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Royal Shakespeare Company to bring theater aboard Queen Mary 2 – Cruise Industry News

Cunard has partnered with the Royal Shakespeare Company to bring renowned theater to its transatlantic stage.

According to a press release, guests of Queen Mary 2 will be able to enjoy “bespoke theatrical performances” from the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), which creates “engulfing theatre” of Shakespeare, his contemporaries and other famous figures from around the world. literature, past and present.

Performances will be available to all guests aboard Cunard’s flagship, including Shakespeare’s love scenes in a new play called Limitless like the sea created by Owen Horsley.

Guests will also have the opportunity to view new works from the CBC with Miss Littlewood, a musical by Sam Kenyon making its transatlantic debut.

For those wishing to learn what it takes to be an RSC actor, actors on board will lead a series of workshops that explore their craft. Customers will also be able to access Shakespeare’s Tales – intimate and informal events where actors will perform their favorite sonnets and speeches and answer questions from the audience.

“We are delighted to welcome the Royal Shakespeare Company on board our flagship, the Queen Mary 2. Being able to offer our guests access to unique performances by world leaders in contemporary theater and Shakespeare’s finest works, is an extraordinary opportunity that I know our customers will fully immerse themselves in,” said Lee Powell, Cunard vice president for brand and product.

RSC Acting Artistic Director Erica Whyman said the company was delighted to work with Cunard to bring its performances to guests of Queen Mary 2 “with unique opportunities to connect with working theater artists and learn more about our in-house playwright”.

“The RSC ignites imaginations and expands horizons, and Shakespeare’s plays allow us to imagine new and remarkable worlds, so this partnership has perfect synergy. Limitless like the sea, which is what Juliet calls her love for Romeo, will be a heartwarming taster of all the ways Shakespeare explores love and romance, and we’re also very happy to present a version of the cheerful, eccentric and flashy- at the eye Miss Littlewood. This is an exciting new venture for us, and we look forward to meeting new audiences on board,” said Whyman.

In addition, the Queen Mary 2 will host a traveling exhibition, Digital Diorama: An Augmented Journey Through Shakespeare’s Stratford. Guests will use devices to see scenes from his plays come to life before their eyes. Some of the CBC’s most popular productions in recent years, including Hamlet, Henry V, The Merry Women of Windsor and As you like it will also be screened in the cinema on board Cunard, Illuminations.

The three-year partnership will begin from May 29 to August 12, 2022, then again from September 15 to November 13, 2022, and will offer this program exclusively to Cunard guests on Queen Mary 2 during both periods.

Customers will discover either Limitless like the sea Where Miss Littlewood on each trip presented. Dates for future years will be announced at a later date.