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‘Roblox’ hires ex-Spotify and Meta staff to ‘push the boundaries of creativity’

Roblox announced a wave of new hires, including Spotify’s former head of music development and Meta’s head of emerging content in a bid to “push the boundaries of creativity”.

According to Roblox Corporation, Karibi Dagogo-Jack is now Roblox‘s Head of Music Partnerships after 29 months at Spotify as Head of Music Development. Prior to this, Dagago-Jack worked at Interscope Records. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was at Roblox since the end of last year.

Todd Lichten joined the team most recently in the new role of Head of Entertainment Partnerships. According to his LinkedIn, he joined last month after serving as Meta’s Emerging Content Manager. Before that, he spent more than three years at Facebook. He also helped develop the Red table discussion podcast.

These new recruits come as Roblox continues to expand its ambitions, with collaborations with artists, brands and platforms like Spotify.

“We’ve seen a lot of success with big brands coming into the Roblox platform, and our partnership work continues to accelerate as they experiment with new formats, launch persistent social spaces, discover new revenue streams, and push the boundaries of creativity,” said RobloxChristina Wootton’s Vice President of Global Partnerships.

“Growth in persistent experiences especially means long-term engagement and shows that brands are viewing our platform as the next-generation immersive social venue for ongoing community engagement versus a venue for one-time activations. “

Over the past few months, Roblox has launched a Spotify Island featuring virtual dating and the ability for players to create their own music, and has hosted virtual performances from Charli XCX, Lizzo, and Gayle.

“The past few years have had a major impact on artist-fan interactions and how fans experience music as a whole. Platforms like Roblox offer a glimpse into the future of music experiences for fans and artists,” a Spotify spokesperson said. NME on their partnership with Roblox.

“As fans dive deeper into the metaverse, they seek immersive, multi-dimensional experiences that rival or even surpass real-world experiences. That means bringing together all forms of digital content, and we know that music and audio will play an important role in this,” they added.