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Robbah TJ develops its brand

AFTER a decade in the music industry, Afro-pop and Kwaito Robbah singer TJ says he’s had a hard time navigating the massive and highly competitive music industry.

However, despite the challenges he had to endure, the singer, real name Robert Nghifikwa, said he will continue to fight his way to the top. “It was not easy and the beginning was quite difficult, especially to find the right producers and to record quality songs. So, it was very difficult to break in and make a name for myself in the industry”, he told VIBEZ!

However, after signing under Numba Busy Entertainment, a record label owned by popular musician Fishman, he said they were working even harder to break into the industry. “We are making good progress and my current goal is to educate people about life’s issues through music,” Robbah TJ said. Originally from Okongo, Robbah TJ joined the music industry in 2014. He grew up in a family of musicians and was always surrounded by renowned artists from an early age.

It also instilled a sense of purpose and a passion for music, he said. “I am simply here to continue our family legacy. In a nutshell, I’m a natural performer, and I’m just here to offer my talent as a musician and songwriter, and to make my mark in the Namibian music industry. That’s why I chose to educate others through music, because music has helped me on my life journey,” he explained.

Asked about his opinion on the current music industry, Robbah TJ said, “We all know that the music industry is the hardest industry to live in. However, I always come home and start thinking about the next songs to write; it’s my passion.” He added that he would like to build a strong brand and continually provide music that people can relate to. “I really want to have a positive impact on people through music, but my main goal is to represent Namibia globally, and one day do collaborations with some of the great artists in South Africa. But first, I hope to work with some of the local guys in Namibia; I want to start with the house. Robbah TJ has so far released three albums and has a string of singles under his belt.

He plans to surprise his fans with another album this year. The singer further mentioned that his recent album “First Aid”, which was released in December, is still available for purchase, and his music lovers can contact him on his social media pages.

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2022-03-17 Aletta Shikololo