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Return to Vancouver for electro-pop group Bob Moses, whose ‘Love Brand New’ is a hit – Surrey Now-Leader

Before this year, I had not paid attention to Bob Mosesand I learned things about the electro-pop group.

First off, no one in the band is named Bob or Moses. It’s Tom Howie on mic and guitar, and his main musical collaborator is Jimmy Vallance on keyboard.

They hail from Vancouver, reunited in New York a decade ago, started making music, and are now threatening world domination with chill-vibe EDM songs that claw their way into their brains, including ” Love Brand New”, a big hit of this year PL, The silence between the two.

At Vancouver’s Malkin Bowl on Saturday night (May 21), on a warm spring evening, the duo performed a comeback concert that provided a celebratory soundtrack for the sold-out crowd.

Two songs later, four Canada geese flew through a haze of pot smoke near the front of the stage, drawing cheers from onlookers, mostly in their 20s and 30s.

Happy to be “home” for their tour closing show, after two months of traveling across North America, Bob Moses played upbeat dance beats with the look and feel of a traditional rock band. The duo’s hired drummer and bassist stood on simple risers supported by a 12ft wall of screens and lights, with Howie and Vallance up front.

Many Bob Moses songs feature incredibly strong melodies, and it obviously runs in the family, given that keyboardist Vallance is the son of Jim Vallance, who co-wrote those early Bryan Adams hits.

Towards the end of the show, Howie admitted he had never been to Malkin Bowl, a wonderful venue for such spring and summer concerts.

“We’d like to say a big thank you to the weather,” Vallance added, “because we’ve been watching the forecast all week thinking it’s going to be typical Vancouver weather” for the show.

With memorable songs like 2015’s “Tearing Me Up” and the most recent “Heaven Only Knows”, Bob Moses, named after a New York city planner Cityis attracting attention for all the right reasons, and they are certainly writing a success story in Vancouver.

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