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Restaurant’s brilliantly sassy response to customer who complained about staff member’s ‘annoying singing’

A restaurant delivered a brilliantly sassy response to a customer who complained about a waitress who sang as they went about their business of clearing tables and delivering food.

The Fountain Inn in Pontarddulais is a family business offering rooms and meals, but the owners were left baffled when a guest left a negative review complaining of having to “suffer” while listening to a member of staff sing.

Priding themselves on a pleasant guest experience and having cheerful staff, hostel managers defended their staff’s musical interpretation, arguing that it was not a wrongful offense to be happy, and sarcastically suggesting at the restaurant to alert them to singing in the future. – so that they do not have to suffer the happiness of the workers. You can get more Swansea news and other story updates by subscribing to our newsletters here.

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The complaint came from a user by the name of “Jevs” who visited on March 18 and complained: “Come to this establishment often, the food, the environment is really good, but at the last visit on March 18, we had to suffer listening to a member of staff singing (quite loudly) over the music! It was really off-putting and very annoying!”.

Sharing the complaint on its social media page, The Fountain Inn replied: “Dear Jevs – We are sorry to hear that you did not fully enjoy your visit with us on March 18, despite the food and the environment really At Fountain Inn, we always strive to provide our guests with an enjoyable experience and are often praised for our smiling, caring staff.

“Following your concern, we have contacted our Human Resources department, but unfortunately, staff being happy in their workplace and expressing this through singing is not a revocable offence. However, on your recommendation , we have informed the member of staff in question that he may wish to withdraw from their upcoming audition for The Voice on the BBC.

“We hope you will continue to visit to enjoy our food and our establishment in the future and please do not hesitate to tell any annoying staff member to refrain from singing so that you do not suffer from their happiness at the future Sincerely, Team Fountain Inn

Intrigued by the comments, manager David Charles said staff were often complimented for their good humor and “charming singing”.

“It’s a sign of happiness and we pride ourselves on a good vibe and we all feed off each other, I would never take time out of my day to complain about someone being happy. I couldn’t don’t understand that. My wife usually has clients who admire her singing. Our staff all love their jobs and care about their jobs. It’s been a tough few months with all the unhappiness and sadness around Covid and it It’s nice to come to a place where people can have fun and escape,” he said.

The hostel wanted to share the feedback to encourage customers to be more aware of the challenges in the hospitality industry. You can read more about a Gower hotel struggling to recruit staff after the pandemic – here.

“We get great customers, but it’s understandable that some customers complain about the slightest thing,” David added.

The pub’s brilliant response was adored by the restaurant’s regular fans who even suggested installing big red voting buttons on the tables to give future customers a say in the ‘deeds’. Most disagreed with the comments, arguing that the singer in question was “always on point” and praised the restaurant’s happiness and surroundings.

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