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Producer Suresh Bhanushali And Photofit Music Release Ganpati’s New Anthem, “Aali Bappa Ki Sawari”

People’s emotions are tied to this Utsav because ‘GANESH CHATURTHI’, the festival of pure joy, is currently taking place. The streets come alive with the brilliance of lights and the passion of the faithful to transmit culture. The festival combines the optimistic spirit of the crowd with their strong emotional bonds. Ganesh Chaturthi’s high pitch can be heard in this brand new song, “Aali Bappa Ki Sawari”, released by Photofit Music.

As we celebrate the most anticipated Utsav, Ganesh Chaturthi, the song “Aali Bappa Ki Sawari”, sung by Dhruvin Mevada and beautifully written by Mahindar, adds to the joyous mood. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music developed the song using reliable methods and a strong work ethic to produce the most pleasing results.

With Bappa’s BIG AGMAAN, “Aali Bappa Ki Sawari” will stand out among Photofit Music Company’s other surreal works and gain a competitive edge by catching fans’ attention. The song’s carefully thought-out setting was brought to life with admirable backing from Rajiv John Sauson’s photofit music.

Rajiv John Sauson continues, “To convey the Maharashtrian character to this song, the music video was given the agmaan scenes which capture its powerful agmaan energy and express the feelings of the song.” Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music Company created this song.

“Ganpati Bappa Morya” by Amit K. Shiva, featuring Hindustani bhau, “Gori tame”, which captures the spirit of Navratri, and “Chand”, which was released on the occasion of Karva Chauth and showcases chemistry at the screen between Sambhavna Seth and Avinash Diwedi, are just a few examples of projects under the Photofit Music label.

The energetic song “Aali Bappa Ki Sawari” glorifies Lord Ganesha, and Dhruvin Mewada’s lyrics show how Bappa helps his followers by removing obstacles from their path. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your loved ones! Spread the love!