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Producer Steve Albini Wins World Series of Poker Tournament Again

This time Albini – the Shellac guitarist and vocalist who produced Nirvana’s In utero (1993) and the Pixies Surfer Rosa (1988), among other influential rock albums, landed a $1,500 HORSE event for $196,089 on Saturday, June 18. Horse est un défi de poker multi-jeux combinant le Texas Hold Em et d’autres variantes du jeu de cartes où les joueurs parient sur la main qui est le meilleur.

Of course, Albini is not a professional poker player. It is only the hobby of the musician and record maker. Mais samedi, il a battu une écurie de 773 autres joueurs de poker, le groupe composé à la fois de joueurs professionnels et de spécialistes du gibier mixte.

“Everything in my life comes in pieces, in parts,” Albini said serenely. after his win, adding, “Poker is part of my life.”

Le producteur a expliqué: “Quand je joue au poker, j’essaie de m’y engager. J’essaie de le prendre au sérieux. J’essaie de m’assurer que j’y consacre l’attention qu’il mérite en as an occupation But that’s only part of my I only play tournaments at the World Series of Poker I play informal cash games in Chicago It’s part of my earning -bread, but that’s not my profession.

Quant à sa victoire aux WSOP 2018 – la victoire est survenue dans un événement Seven Card Stud – cela “ressemblait à un coup de chance”, a fait remarquer Albini. “This one also felt like a fluke. I was all-in a million times in that tournament. In the stud tournament, the bracelet I won in 2018, I was never all-in. in this tournament. I never ran out of chips.”

He added: “But I still felt like I missed out a bit because I beat a table full of really good players that I didn’t expect to beat. This time it was like a luck because I was so often out of chips, and I kept going all-in, and I kept surviving.”

Albini owns and operates Chicago Electric Audio’s recording studio. He last released an album with post-hardcore math rockers Shellac, amazing guyin 2014. Previously, he was also a member of punk bands Big Black and Rapeman.

Earlier this year, Albini defended Juggalos, the collective name for Insane Clown Posse fans, saying they were “less boring” than Deadheads, followers of the Grateful Dead. Doing In uterothe producer – clearly one for a friendly bet – bet Nirvana $100,000 in a game of pool.

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